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Gnome & Spybey - ThreeGnome & Spybey
Category: Experimental / Ambient
Album: Three
Stars: 4
Blurb: Oriental tones underscoring haunting organic atmospheres bring this impressive collaboration to a marvelous fruition.


Tony D’Oporto and Mark Spybey have both enjoyed a great deal of adulation over the years as purveyors of some of the most experimental sounds put into any musical context, and with their Gnome & Spybey project, the pair forges ahead with the appropriately titled third album Three. With the previous releases of At Willie’s Place and Beyond Willie’s Place, the project unveiled a harrowing array of mangled manipulations, transforming even the most banal sounds heard in everyday life into something enticingly alien and atmospheric, and while Three does little to deviate from this formula, it is no less visceral.

With an introductory melody of fluttering synthesis and floating ambience evocative of something one might have heard from Switched On Bach in the ‘70s, “Open Gnome” steadily lulls into a drone of atonal oscillations and a fluidic rhythm that gives the impression of traveling further down a dark and damp cave. From here, every track conjures different visual associations as each sound helps to paint scenes of lush and surreal nature. For example, the chattering of nighttime insects underscoring the mercurial pads of “Palenque” give the impression of a trip down a dark forest path, the modulated wobbles aided by a subtle bell-like rhythm creating a ghostly effect that ends with a dynamic spectral ambience. “And the Rest Sowed Glass and Nickel” is almost reminiscent of a Buddhist prayer cycle as breathy voices fade in and out among ring modulations similar to the tones one might hear in a Javanese gamelan, while also reminding this writer of certain selections from Vangelis’ score to Blade Runner. More voices appear as Spybey’s malevolent whispers come atop mechanical whirs that eventually give way to a cloudy ambient drone on “Dreamed of Being a River,” as well as a repeated phrase on “The Murmur of the Rivers Mouth” as the track moves from aimless sound collage to a harrowing and majestic melodic progression.

Taking steps beyond the Willie’s Place releases, there is an almost oriental tonality to Three; from the bell like tones that permeate the aforementioned tracks to the haunting atmospheres that bring to mind ancient spirits as one might encounter in the myths of Japan or Tibet. Between Spybey’s organic manipulations and D’Oporto’s synthesis, Three moves at a temperate pace, allowing each sound its just moment to progress without deteriorating into repetition or boredom. With Three, the Gnome & Spybey collaboration seems to have come into full fruition, making for a dreamy and impressive experience.
Track list:

  1. Open Gnome
  2. And the Rest Sowed Glass and Nickel
  3. On the Branch of an Echo Part 1
  4. Dreamed of Being a River
  5. Toward the Pole
  6. On the Branch of an Echo Part 2
  7. Palenque
  8. The Shadow and Ash of Your Sea
  9. The Murmur of the Rivers Mouth
  10. Silent Gnome

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