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Gnome & Spybey - Three Point OneGnome & Spybey
Category: Experimental / Ambient
Album: Three Point One
Stars: 3
Blurb: Droning celestial ambience with the faint glimmers of an organic mindset makes for a lushly enjoyable if somewhat more repetitive listen from the experimental duo’s fourth outing.


The duo of Tony D’Oporto and Mark Spybey – collectively known as Gnome & Spybey – has been rather productive, the two revered artists in experimental electronic music pooling their vast resources to create music as abstractly ambient as it is melodiously sublime. With Three Point One, the pair’s fourth outing and second for 2013 after the excellent third album, Three, the two artists continue to explore the realms of dreamy electronic soundscapes, but this time with a much more cosmic flair. Swells of droning ambient pads resound throughout these six tracks, complemented by an array of organic improvisational sound design and noises that border on humanoid. The vague echoes of what could be manipulated voices shimmer through each track, giving the listener the sense of the passing glimpses of a satellite hurtling through the celestial void past other worlds that might bear the traces of civilization. From the deep resonant tones in “3.1.1” to the warm washes of “3.1.5” to the almost bagpipe like drone of “3.1.2” giving way to a guttural pulse like the coos of some aerial creature, the listener is treated less to the conventions of structure and more to the simplicity of atmosphere and form. It is not until “3.1.6,” the closing and shortest track on the album, that the hints of a melodic progression are revealed in a two-note bell like tone with a whistling synth providing a harmonic accompaniment eventually leading into a crystalline ambience that instills a soundtrack quality, not unlike Vangelis’ scores to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series. While undoubtedly as well produced and constructed as the duo’s previous releases, Three Point One feels much less straightforward, less thought out, and more an exercise in the enjoyable fulfillment of experimental sound design, although this could arguably apply to any of Gnome & Spybey’s albums. While some of the tracks do perhaps linger in their sonic environments to make Three Point One an essential listening experience, it is not without its merits and makes for a fine entry in the two artists’ respective and collective discographies.
Track list:

  1. 3.1.1
  2. 3.1.2
  3. 3.1.3
  4. 3.1.4
  5. 3.1.5
  6. 3.1.6

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