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Glue on Smile - False Evidence Appearing RealGlue on Smile
Category: Dubstep / EDM / Electronica
Album: False Evidence Appearing Real
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Splicing fiendish vocals with more intricate and spooky atmospheres, Glue on Smile strays out of its comfort zone to concoct a refreshing batch of electronic ear candy.


With a mission statement consisting of “Glue on Smile thinks about your dad while you are sleeping” and other creepy off-the-wall confessions, it only makes sense for one to assume that such an act would bring the aural anomalies to back up its ridiculous claims; and, of course, one would be right. Hatching straight out of Alaska, Levi Paul’s brainchild has been spiking the club circuit with heavy bass lines, funky glitches, and nightmarish layers with his 2012 debut, Devour from Within. Further expanding on his sound, False Evidence Appearing Real attempts to turn EDM on its head – or at the very least the expectations of his admirers – with a few twists that work strangely well.

Urging listeners to hit the dance floor after a surreal soundscape skews into a fuzzy bass with mesmerizing synths, “FeaR” kicks off the album in a very unforeseen fashion. There are orchestral arrangements and people screaming in terror all amid the juxtaposition of Paul’s and Message to the Machine’s James Orez’ caustic gnarls tirelessly feeding off of each other. Fans will be pleasantly shocked as it easily stands as the most unique and theatrical track in GoS’ terse oeuvre. On the other hand, it would figure that with such a strong overture, an unfortunate techno stereotype like “sTicKY” would surface. Its dated and dull loops and suggestive moans seem more like counterproductive filler, adding nary substance to this overall intriguing nightmarish experience.

As the album delves into the second half, listeners with a phobia of clowns may want to stray from the devilish “01001110 01010011 01000001.” It sounds like something more than suitable for a house of mirrors attraction where vaudeville meets dubstep as the ringleader’s vocals contort between the jovial and deranged to match. Even the slower closing track, “oorLog” has an equally sinister carnival inspired mood with cult chants and obscurer textures offering a deeper glimpse of what could possibly be unleashed from Paul’s peculiar psyche in future outings.

While not overly taunting its listeners to amass on the dance floor to the extent that Devour from Within elicited, there’s a lot more going on in GoS’ latest that should take priority. Despite one gleaming misstep early on, False Evidence Appearing Real shows Levi Paul further honing his craft and defying to be considered another run-of-the-mill electronic dance act. If this darker, more atmospheric and vocal yet no less melodically enticing invention is any indication, this diverse up-and-comer has no shortage of creativity.
Track list:

  1. FeaR (feat. James Orez)
  2. sTicKY
  3. 01001110 01010011 01000001 (feat. James Orez)
  4. oorLoG

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