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Glue on Smile - Devour from WithinGlue on Smile
Category: EDM / Electronica
Album: Devour from Within
Stars: 3
Blurb: Despite the average and repetitive beats, Glue on Smile creates a heavy, bass-filled atmosphere giving listeners a few decent tracks worth dancing to.


Fairbanks, Alaska may not be a hotbed for techno, industrial, or EDM music, but it may become one with the help of Levi Paul’s Glue on Smile. The first major release from GoS, Devour from Within will give the dance scene something new to consider. The overall feel for the album feels like techno but borders on industrial and dubstep at times. Like a lot of dance music, it relies heavily on bass and catchy hooks with little or no vocals and sound clips.

Devour from Within gets going with “G_oS.” The track doesn’t really begin until it’s about a minute in but once it does, listeners are introduced to a strong and inviting beat. At times, the track is danceable but for the most part, the track will just induce a slow groove on the dance floor. It’s an excellent warm up track and pleasant introduction to Glue on Smile. Following up is “BaMF,” a slow and grinding song that is fun to listen to when you want background noise. It’s not fast or heavy enough to get a good sweat going but it will make you bob your head for awhile. The rhythm is smooth and the entire track would be good for an intro to a sci-fi film. “Devour” is the strongest and best track from the release. The bass is pounding and the electronic siren-like noises embody a great dance floor feel. The speed is just the right pace to bust a move to without feeling like you’re about to suffer a frantic techno seizure. “Devour” sounds nice over headphones but is best suited for gigantic speakers at a rave. After “Devour,” a slew of remixes make and break this album. The titles of the remixes cleverly spell out devour but the remixes don’t necessarily sound like they’re remixes of anything on Devour from Within. The [Makina] remix of “V” is the catchiest of the remixes. The beat is repetitive but in the way an active glow sticking raver would want. The repetitiveness doesn’t go on too long, but it also doesn’t leave you yearning for more.

Unfortunately, the rest of the remixes just don’t go anywhere. Their inability to evoke any kind of physical reaction hurts the purpose of a dance album. Overall, this is an average release but Glue on Smile has potential to rock the hell out of dance floors and raves in the future. Hopefully, Levi Paul will focus more on original tracks rather than remixes, because Glue on Smile’s strength seems to reside in originality and not in reimagining.
Track list:

  1. G_oS
  2. BaMF
  3. DeVoUR
  4. D (Mono Penguin DrUnK KutZ Mix)
  5. e (Message to the Machine I, Devour Remix)
  6. V ([Makina] Remix)
  7. o (Lucidstatic Remix)
  8. U (Dyskhord Remix)
  9. R (Born of Fire Tasty Bits Remix)

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