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Gil Dagan - Analog Love: The Remixes EP
Gil Dagan
Category: Trance
Album: Analog Love: The Remixes EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: Giving only a small glimpse into the man and his work.


Gil Dagan is an Israeli electronic dance musician who’s been producing his own music since 2003. Also known for his sporadic and scattered releases as Nitro, Gil Dagan’s latest is a maxi-single for his song “Analog Love.” In keeping with his custom of releasing material with other artists, Analog Love features several remixes from fellow psy-trance artists from Israel.

The original version of “Analog Love” is a halcyon track that while consistently energetic, offers its steady rhythms with a calm, hypnotic disposition. Clocking in at over eight minutes, “Analog Love” is by itself a great dance piece that also avails itself as a soundtrack for recreational drug use or video game marathons.

The remixes presented here largely stay in keeping with the original. Only subtle changes to the title track have been made, and to an unfamiliar ear would appear as frequently identical. This could be intentional, or simply the result of Dagan selecting artists that work in a wholly similar vein as himself. Either way, in most cases the remixer’s touch is only gently felt. That said, Dark Disco’s version is the largest divergence, adding a more aggressive tone while enhancing the variation in the piece.

Unfortunately, this particular release only gives us a small glimpse into Gil Dagan and his work, and it’s impossible to tell just how representative it is of his overall sound. Hopefully his next collection will feature a great number of tracks, and fewer remixes.

Track list:

  1. Analog Love (Flippers Remix)
  2. Analog Love (Except Remix)
  3. Analog Love (D-Solve Remix)
  4. Analog Love (Dima Gafner and Gil Dagan Remix)
  5. Analog Love (Dark Disco Remix)
  6. Analog Love (Stelaterez Remix)
  7. Analog Love

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