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Ghostfeeder - World FamelessGhostfeeder
Category: Industrial / Electro / Rock
Album: World Fameless
Stars: 4
Blurb: Relying on straightforward pop structures to enhance the band’s already strong sense of melodic songwriting and danceable electro/rock, Ghostfeeder presents what might be the band’s finest work yet.


Ghostfeeder has had quite a busy year, building on the upward trajectory the band’s music has been taking since its inception in 2010. Spearheaded by vocalist/programmer Derek Walborn with guitarist Luke Dangler, the band embarked on a tour of the U.S. in 2015 in support of En Esch and their own The Messenger EP, bringing their darkly electrified rock sound to a wider audience ready for something new. Signing to Distortion Productions, Walborn has taken the songs he wrote during that tour to create his latest album, opting for a more straightforward approach that showcases his melodic sensibilities while keeping the danceable and rocky edges that have made Ghostfeeder a distinctive entity in the modern underground. In contrast to the preceding release, World Fameless comes out of the gate swinging as the title track hits with a gripping synth/guitar riff and an energetic beat that is simply impossible not to dance to, Walborn’s voice hitting its stride from the onset and soaring into an infectious chorus that is sure to stay stuck in one’s head for hours. The same can be said of “Sucker for the Chemistry,” which should undoubtedly find its way onto many a DJ set. Quite simply, the songs on World Fameless are catchy as hell, eschewing the saccharine tones of The Messenger for bright leads and bouncy, sometimes even funky bass lines; nowhere is this more evident than on “Let the Wolves Inside,” its fluid and intertwining synths creating a tapestry of sound that recalls the atmospheric synth-laden soundtracks of the ‘80s, the driving beat delivering the punch of the chorus quite marvelously. Similarly, “Juliet” enters with a strident rhythm and synth hook that with Walborn’s soaring vocals in the chorus makes for what could be an instant radio hit, while the trancelike ambience and minimal beat of “Claws and Teeth” reminds this writer of the likes of Hednoize, complete with resonant synths that underscore Walborn’s soulful croon. Not enough praise can be granted to Walborn for his vocal abilities, the harmonious layers on “MartinFly” being especially noteworthy with one of the album’s most endearing lines of “better late than never,” the vigorous guitars and striking percussion giving the song the most classically rock & roll feel of any of the songs on World Fameless. This writer had expressed some dissatisfaction with the songs on The Messenger being too short, never outstaying their welcome, but perhaps not allowing the songs to reach their ultimate melodic climax; on the other hand, World Fameless somehow manages to avoid this issue, for while the songs are still somewhat brief, the urgency and force with which their reinforce their own pop structures makes each track a satisfying morsel of electro/rock that never leaves one lacking. As singularly well crafted as any of Ghostfeeder’s past outings, World Fameless might be – or at least, should be – the album that puts this band on the fast track to the greater recognition the band deserves.
Track list:

  1. World Fameless
  2. Juliet
  3. MartinFly
  4. Sucker for the Chemistry
  5. Let the Wolves Inside
  6. The Vampire Youth
  7. Claws and Teeth
  8. Cinderella Case

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