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Ghostfeeder - The MessengerGhostfeeder
Category: Industrial / Electro / Rock
Album: The Messenger
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: While a little too short in length, this conceptual EP sets its sights straight for the stars and demonstrates Ghostfeeder’s willingness to stand out.


The brainchild of vocalist/programmer Derek Walborn, Ghostfeeder has been steadily rising through the ranks of modern industrial/rock since 2010. With The Messenger, the band’s fourth EP, Walborn and his cohort Luke Dangler present to audiences a concept piece following a man’s abduction by an otherworldly force. It may sound like a novel idea, but the band does well to stick to its strengths as the songs hit their marks effectively, presenting a dynamic range of textures and tonal colors that is sure to bring to mind the likes of Nine Inch Nails with an almost pop-like melodic sensibility that is rather prevalent in most EDM. Nowhere is this more evident than in “This Shell,” Walborn’s softly affected vocals singing sweetly atop a shimmering bed of celestial synths and bouncy, rather danceable beat structures; some might be put off by its poppy and saccharine tone, but much of the rest of The Messenger takes on a much darker feel. The opening title track could easily be mistaken for something Trent Reznor might have written during The Fragile with its gyrating and noisy guitar accompaniment atop a catchy yet slightly obtrusive beat, showcasing Ghostfeeder’s willingness to stray from and play with standard 4/4 counts. Similarly, the opening drumbeats of “The Dream” will surely remind some of “Hyperpower!” from Year Zero, although the scathing bass lines offset by shades of noise festering just beneath the surface of Walborn’s emotive vocals produces an eerie effect that more closely resembles latter-day Depeche Mode. The same can be said of “One Blink of an Eye,” the stabs of distorted synth, scratches of noisy guitar, and aggressive percussion playing well against a rather melancholy but melodious vocal, and “Starfields – Fireflies” is aptly named as its layers of ambient synths evoke images of the night sky, shimmers of piano reminiscent of Mike Garson’s work with David Bowie and NIN underplaying the chorus returning from the opening track to bookend the EP and really drive home the concept behind The Messenger. The one criticism that comes to mind is the length, for while each song does well not to outstay its welcome, there is also a sense of it being all too brief, with only the closing track exceeding the four minute mark. It works for songs like “This Shell” and even “The Highway,” but there is a feeling that “The Messenger” ends right as it was to reach a lively bridge that would reach an exciting climax that ultimately never arrives, and “The Dream” might have benefitted from being drawn out just a bit to an even more forceful and noisier ending. However, these are minor gripes that do little to diminish what The Messenger offers – a marvelously well crafted effort from a band that clearly has the chops needed to become an important voice in the scene.
Track list:

  1. The Messenger
  2. The Highway
  3. The Dream
  4. This Shell
  5. One Blink of an Eye
  6. Starfields – Fireflies

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