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Ghost & Writer - Shipwrecks
Ghost & Writer
Category: EBM / Synthpop
Album: Shipwrecks
Stars: 4
Blurb: A solid debut from a very auspicious collaboration.


Shipwrecks is the debut album from Ghost & Writer, a collaboration between Frank Spinath of Seabound and Jean-Marc Lederman, best known for his work in ‘80s Belgium act The Weathermen. Featuring eight original tracks as well as a slew of remixes, Ghost & Writer has produced an album of catchy electronic songs that, at best, only flirt with the club-dominated sound the two members have long since become known for.

Taking on a more daring and experimental tone, Shipwrecks shows another, less formulaic side to both of Spinath and Lederman. Assimilating elements of glitch and ambient music, songs such as “From Hell,” “Nightshift,” and “Integrity” take on a convivial and lively intonation and it’s easy to tell they had a fun time creating these tracks. “Hitman” and “Man on a Wire” are based on a more gloomy approach, but could hardly be called despondent. Although these tracks are quite enjoyable, it’s questionable that most will resonate in the long term with fans of either The Weatherman or Seabound. Whether it’s the paltry number of original songs included or the overall character of the pieces, there seems to be a subtle lack of cohesion and direction among the tracks that becomes apparent upon subsequent listening.

The latter half of the album is devoted to various remixes of the songs from the first half. Employing interpretations from acts such as Iris and Edge of Dawn, fans of Spinath’s work in Seabound will be predictably treated to the much more recognizable and familiar club-oriented sound that characterizes most modern EBM and synthpop music. Also included among the remixers are lesser known acts such as File Not Found, Versus, and The Alpha Conspiracy, whose work rivals and occasionally transcends the original versions featured here.

Track list:

  1. From Hell
  2. Hitman
  3. Capsized
  4. Nightshift
  5. Man on a Wire
  6. Minefields (featuring Miss FD)
  7. Integrity
  8. Fraud
  9. From Hell (Iris)
  10. Hitman (File Not Found)
  11. Capsized (Edge of Dawn)
  12. Nightshift (Diskonnekted)
  13. Man on a Wire (Versus)
  14. Minefields (Ghosts)
  15. Integrity (The Alpha Conspiracy)
  16. Fraud (Acretongue)

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