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Gates of Dawn - Lucid DreamingGates of Dawn
Category: Gothic Metal
Album: Lucid Dreaming
Stars: 2
Blurb: A slow paced offering of dead vocals and instrumentation.


Goth metal band Gates of Dawn have created an album full of death with their third offering, Lucid Dreaming, if not by lyrical content. In many places the vocals and music lack life and conviction and thus come across as uncharismatic, which in turn could lead to boredom. The album begins at a moderate pace and continues through that for the majority of its playtime with a few bright spots sprinkled in to bring it to life. However, the album does feature well played guitar solos in certain points and shows glimpse of fire though these are infrequent.

After “Strange Temple,” we immediately hit the album’s first noteworthy song in “Chrystalline.” The vocals by Martina and Matthias are well done, carrying the song nicely to its memorable chorus. “Wake Up Dreamchild” begins with an awesome key sequence, some ambient, dark sounds to go with it and has dual vocals, an effect used greatly on this track, though by the time you reach “Radiate,” you begin to realize that the emotion and conviction in the voices as well as the music itself just isn’t there. You’ll notice the same vocal monotony on a fair number of the other tracks such as “Hunting Me,” “Disappear,” and the title track, which has a nice retro synth sequence but offers little else. “Ghost of Tomorrow” has a great chorus that pulls you through itself with some nicely played guitar and bass, and final standout track “Neolovers” is also a well done affair that breaks the monotony of the vocals and slow pace of the music. Ultimately, Lucid Dreaming is a staggering collection of songs that fails to compel the listener throughout.

Gates of Dawn had some good ideas with Lucid Dreaming but couldn’t quite offer enough diversity and conviction to make it memorable and entertaining. Guitar parts are well played, synths kick in nicely in some tracks, but unfortunately, the flat vocals and even, at times, flatter music make it a difficult experience. Lucid Dreaming certainly isn’t a bad album but it isn’t a very memorable one either.
Track list:

  1. Strange Temple
  2. Chrystalline
  3. Wake Up Dreamchild
  4. Radiate
  5. For You (The 3rd Denial)
  6. Hunting Me
  7. Disappear
  8. Lucid Dreaming
  9. Rise My Beloved
  10. Ghosts of Tomorrow
  11. Nobody Returns
  12. Treasures of Satan
  13. White Cube
  14. Neolovers
  15. Heal
  16. More

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