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Garek - Take the KingGarek
Category: Electro-pop / Industrial
Album: Take the King
Blurb: Rich in darkly electronic textures and emotive lyrics, Garek’s debut album resonates with the kind of theatricality and diverse quality that can appeal to a varied audience.


Emerging from the New York underground scene, Garek is just the kind of entity one should expect from a city with a rich artistic and theatrical urban atmosphere. Such is the best description of his full-length debut album Take the King, full of rich sonic textures that bridge scathing electro/industrial, upbeat and edgy dance music, and catchy pop. Though Garek cites the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, and Marilyn Manson as influences, they are not obvious beyond his use of electro/industrial elements in what are inherently pop/rock songs.

Tracks like “Eve” and “Cavity” present a darkly menacing atmosphere that is sure to please the industrial crowd, slow metallic rhythms and harsh stabs of crunchy guitars and electronics underpinning Garek’s shrill, slithery, sensual vocals that are at once infectious and harrowing. Similarly, songs like “Leper” and especially “Boys Don’t Cry” are full of scorn and desperation, the howls of guitars and resonant pads mirroring Garek’s appeals for strength against suffering and intolerance. Again, this is especially so on “Boys Don’t Cry” with lyrics like “I know I’ll never be a prince,” “I’m playing god now instead of a queen,” and “would I be a better son with a gun in my hand” resonating with the kind of bitter defiance and demands for acceptance that reminds this writer of the likes of Die Warzau. “Save the Queen” remains one of Garek’s most artistically satisfying offerings, the whiplash beats and electronic punches creating a brusque and almost bohemian backdrop for his seductive melodies, the chorus erupting into sustained ambience and a refrain that is as catchy now as it was when the single was first released in 2014. Other tracks like “Ledge,” “My Animal,” “Stray” are pure electro-pop, with the latter two particularly reveling in pulsating beats, squelching electronics, and groovy bass lines that aim squarely on the dance floor.

An entirely independent effort created by Garek alone, Take the King concludes with him picking up the acoustic guitar for a bluesy rendition of “Stray,” emphasizing not only his quality as a songwriter and musician, but calling attention to his proficiency as a producer. Complemented by an equally dynamic visual presence in his music videos, Garek’s music demands a wide audience to appreciate the breadth of his artistic allure. It’s a strange and challenging brew, but one that is full of belligerent and energetic appeal for a varied audience ready to embrace something different.
Track list:

  1. Cavity
  2. Save the Queen
  3. My Animal
  4. Ledge
  5. Eve
  6. Boys Don’t Cry
  7. Stray
  8. Leper
  9. Salem
  10. Stray [Acoustic]

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