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Frontal Boundary - Electronic Warfare V2Frontal Boundary
Category: Electro / Industrial / EBM
Album: Electronic Warfare V2
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A remix companion that bares subtle hints of this still fledgling band’s potential, though still suffering from the overly familiar tropes of the genre.


In an age in which the technology to create and produce music has progressed so rapidly, it can be argued that many up-and-coming bands are forced to play the game of catch up when it comes to the ability to write a good song or find ways to stand out. Still fledgling band Frontal Boundary seems to be in this particular mode as the sounds on the Electronic Warfare V2 remix album do bear all the traces of the current trends of electro/industrial. Beginning with the darkly malevolent cadences and vitriolic lyrics of “Whore,” the album starts with an eerily slow tempo that is actually quite refreshing. While the vocals are distorted in a manner that is almost cliché for the genre, credit should be given to Brendin Ross for the clarity of his lyrics, losing none of the aggression while keeping the words decipherable. That said, the song does maintain a rather languid atmosphere that doesn’t quite elevate itself to anything truly memorable, and this can be said for much of the album. The Sympathy mix of “Mental Illusion” brings in the standard mid-tempo dance beat and catchy, creepy synth melody that are staples of the aggrotech style, while the remix by NoLongerHuman opts for a more monotonous bass line that along with the dark pads and repeated samples comes across as a hollower version. A similar dichotomy occurs as the Vanished mix of “Time to Heal” takes the decrepit march of the original and amps it up to fill the dance floor, while C/A/T’s remix keeps the pace down and emphasizes the song’s more melodic and rhythmic elements, the beats just noisy enough to add a bit of power to end the EP on a harrowing note. The Rewired mix of “Das Blut” enters as a militaristic assault of forceful snares and pulsating sequences, and while the Komor Komor version is no less assertive with its beats, the steady buildup of glitchy samples and sweeps of ghostly ambience give the latter version a much more interesting flair. Also making its debut on Electronic Warfare V2 is “Pretense,” present in a Dirty mix that while full of vitality with its pulsing synths and pumping beats suffers from banality that is not aided by the introductory samples from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, adding to the argument that some films simply should be considered off limits from the sample library (Hello, :Wumpscut:?). All in all, Electronic Warfare V2 is not bad as much as it’s simply not especially notable. Virtually every component necessary for quintessential harsh electro/industrial fare is present, adding little to distinguish Frontal Boundary from the myriad of other bands in the style aside from the band’s willingness to step away from the dance floor and revel in the dark atmospheres and emotional dissonance inherent in the lyrics. The production is decent enough and there are subtle hints of the band’s potential ability to break with convention and elevate the style, but Ross and company will have to step up their game on future releases.
Track list:

  1. Whore
  2. Mental Illusion (Sympathy Mix)
  3. Das Blut (Rewired Mix)
  4. Pretense (Dirty Mix)
  5. Under Fire (Death Wish Mix)
  6. Time to Heal (Vanished Mix)
  7. Das Blut (Komor Komor Mix)
  8. Mental Illusion (NoLongerHuman Mix)
  9. Time to Heal (C/A/T Remix)

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