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Front Line Assembly - EchoesFront Line Assembly
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Echoes
Stars: 4
Blurb: Bill Leeb recruits an impressive lineup of artists to remix the 2014 album Echogenetics without straying away from the undeniably stellar sound of Front Line Assembly.


1998’s remix album, Re-Wind, which showcased FLAvour of the Weak, was full of collaborations that were nothing short of striking and impactful. Now, listening to the sister album of 2014’s Echogenetic with artists such as Sonic Mayhem, Comaduster, and Rhys Fulber, we can’t expect it to be any less remarkable. And there are also two new songs to enjoy, “Contagion” and “New War,” both just as imposing as all of FLA’s work done before.

Many people might be intimidated reengineering the work of ex-Skinny Puppy member Bill Leeb, but the remixers who brought us Echoes did a phenomenal job on these tracks, tailoring them for maximum impact. Sonic Mayhem, a music producer for video games, took “Leveled” and made a gritty yet catchy reincarnation, although it is not as notable as ex-programmer Rhys Fulber’s manipulation of “Killing Grounds,” which he digs into with heavy bass while still creating a beautiful and hazy soundscape. The song was already favored among the fans and Fulber seems to have taken advantage of his previous work with Front Line Assembly to bring a new but authoritative perspective on it.

While they are not remixed, the two new songs seem to have drawn most of the attention of this album. “Contagion” is a fusion of trippy techno and industrial, with added dark synthetics to give it a gothic undertone. And when “New War” begins, it’s as if you’ve leapt immediately into a grungy and powerful wave, undertow dragging you powerfully on. These songs stick to the familiar sound of FLA and their placement in the midst of a remix album was a clever move indeed.

Front Line Assembly has always been a model for its own particular interpretation of the industrial genre, and since 2006’s Artificial Soldier, we’ve heard the band incorporating more electro into its work. Everyone who worked on Echoes seems to have gotten the memo on this, respecting and amplifying the direction in which the band is moving. This results in a more focused and stylistically engaging expression than you might expect from a remix album. No fans of FLA, or any fans of music accordingly, should be disappointed with this release.
Track list:

  1. Contagion
  2. Leveled – Sonic Mayhem
  3. Ghosts – Comaduster
  4. Killing Grounds – Rhys Fulber
  5. Echogenetic – Youth Code
  6. Deadened – Liebknetch
  7. New War
  8. Echogenetic – Blush Response
  9. Exhale – Henrik Backstrom
  10. Prototyp – HECQ
  11. Leveled – Slighter
  12. Heartquake – Techdiff
  13. Blood – Haujobb
  14. Exo (We Slip Away) – Hijacker

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