Jun 2011 17

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Category: Industrial
Album: The Faults of Humanity
Stars: 2
Blurb: With a strong lead single, Freakangel fails to deliver the whole package.


Earlier this year, we were introduced to Freakangel by the dark video for the lead single “My Darling Bullet,” which was really well done. It was entertaining and was a great way to introduce the band to listeners and perhaps catch some new people along the way. Unfortunately the album, The Faults of Humanity as a whole fails to capture the magic of the first video.

The album starts off with the instrumental track “Frailty” and then crashes into the next track “God’s Blind Game.” As is often the case in the genre, love, religion, drugs and society are beaten about like the regular punching bags that they usually are, but what Freakangel fails to do is bring a new point of view or interesting point to either the music or the lyrical content. It’s the same distorted drumbeats, bleeping synth lines, and distorted growled vocals throughout the entire run of the record. In between those savage beats and aggressive songs are instrumental interludes that really don’t add much to the over all feel of the record and actually feel a bit like filler to round out the album’s runtime from an EP to a full-length.

Freakangel, at times, lean towards rock and alternative styles of music as well, but that did not come through on this final project. Guitars are used on songs like “My Darling Bullet” and “It’s Not a Lovesong,” but they are mixed so far into the background that they are barely noticeable. In this writer’s opinion, brining the guitars forward in the mix would have added perhaps a newer dynamic to a genre that can be at times stale and lacking any real emotion or punch for the listener. While the album isn’t a total bummer, the female vocals used sparingly through out and the samples were often the most catchy and outstanding parts of the album, at times even reminiscent of older KMFDM, but there wasn’t enough of it overall to keep this record going and the listeners’ heads bobbing above the drowning noise.

It’s too bad that the album didn’t fully deliver on the first single; this could have been a breath of fresh air in a dump full of rotting corpse that all smell the same.
Track list:

  1. Frailty
  2. Gods Blind Game
  3. My Darling Bullet
  4. Crawling in the Dark
  5. The Last White Dance
  6. Curse. Forgive. Kill. Cure.
  7. Together Against It
  8. It’s Not a Lovesong
  9. Price for All of Us
  10. Under Code
  11. Finale

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