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Flood Damage - Instructions for the Assembly of God(s)Flood Damage
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Instructions for the Assembly of God(s)
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Sex, politics, TV, all part of a glorious display of perversion and debauchery, a machine/rock album that aims right for the jugular and doesn’t let go.


Hailing from the Windy City, Chicago’s Flood Damage certainly lives up to its name in offering up a deluge of hard-hitting industrial/rock with a black sense of humor. Instructions for the Assembly of God(s) marks the band’s full-length debut after years festering in the Chicago underground, sharing the stages with the best the scene has to offer and appearing on a volume of Invisible Records’ Notes from Thee Real Underground compilation series; produced by Glitch Mode Squad leader Sean Payne and featuring several guest performances from members of Psyclon Nine, Jilt, and W.O.R.M., this album serves up an incendiary and irreverent brand of industrial/rock that is sure to please even the most jaded of rivetheads.

Slowly creeping percussion amid a bevy of thunderclaps steadily gives way to a raucous breakbeat topped off by a grinding series of riffs, the vocals alternating between a restrained slither and an emotive howl, making “Turn on the Ugly Lights” a rather powerful opening for the album. Throughout Instructions… is a dynamic and seething sense of groove that alternates from the slow sleaziness of “Deadline,” the oddly mechanical yet melodic backup vocals adding to the song’s primal energy, to the faster and more belligerent attitudes of “[godforsaken],” “TV Land Murders,” and “Biochemical Oxygen Demand,” the scathing and guttural onslaught of brute force and machine/rock fury on these songs sounding like a cross between the danceable, sexually charged predilections of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and the angry robotic mania of BILE. The pummeling distorted beats of “Return of the Bear” add an almost gabber-like quality amid throngs of spastic sequences and groaning guitar riffs, while “SeXXXee” is notable for its warbled vocal samples, manipulated to disturbing atonality and contrasting wildly with the animalistic sexual growl perfect for any strip club.

One can imagine that Flood Damage must put on one hell of a live show with material this forceful and full of downright badass attitude, Payne’s production giving the music just enough sheen without sacrificing the band’s vigorously unhinged qualities. All of the hallmarks of the genre are offered up in equal measure, full of sarcastic commentaries on the American condition – sex, politics, TV, all part of this glorious display of perversion and debauchery. Instructions for the Assembly of God(s) is hardly a groundbreaking album, but what it lacks in originality it more than atones with its confident presentation of down and dirty machine/rock.
Track list:

  1. Turn on the Ugly Lights
  2. Hooray for Everything!!!
  3. SeXXXee
  4. TV Land Murders
  5. Deadline
  6. [godforsaken]
  7. Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  8. Return of the Bear
  9. Mr. Blind & The Estrogenical Treachery
  10. 0V01D V0V01D

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