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Flesh - SkinFlesh
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Skin
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An impressive debut album heavy on flash, polish, and beats.


The debut album from this French electro duo, Skin is sure to quickly put Flesh on the map. A grim and caustic form of dance music, Flesh shows shades of another popular electronic French duo in the ability to craft impressive soundscapes that make you want to move your body, but bring a gritty apocalyptic vibe to the table.

The slow build into “Black Walk” is definitely a slick intro to the album that builds excitement as the synth hooks wail and the beat drives the listener into a furor. Following up with “The Light,” Flesh shows that the band is more than capable of mixing bombastic music with vocals as the chanting delivery fits well with the overall grim tone of the music. “Drummer” slows down the pace and drops the vocals to create what almost sounds like part of the score to a horror film. It quickly becomes apparent that Flesh is a bit hook focused as vocals don’t return until the end of “Hard Night, Cold Dawn” for a French diatribe, only to not return fully until “I Wanna See You Bleed,” which once again perfectly meshes with the music to produce a truly blistering and harsh sound. Thankfully, the tail end of the album has several interesting vocal focused tracks such as “Hotter than Hell,” featuring the intentionally off-key vocal style of The Horrorist, and the interesting ritualistic sound of “Slow Motion” gives the album some much needed character.

Flesh hits a lot of high marks with this debut and definitely impresses with an ability to harness some truly visceral sounds. Unfortunately, Flesh also shows some room to grow with several early tracks bleeding together a decent bit and needing to find a bit more of a unique character. The vocal tracks on the album work so phenomenally well that it becomes a little disappointing they weren’t employed more, though they do still help tremendously to break up any monotony in the album and leave it feeling like an impressive showcase of this new act’s ample skills.
Track list:

  1. Black Walk
  2. The Light
  3. Drummer
  4. 00h00
  5. She Dreams
  6. Hard Night, Cold Dawn
  7. Outrenoir
  8. Skin
  9. I Wanna See You Bleed
  10. Cult 9
  11. Hotter than Hell (feat. The Horrorist)
  12. Slow Motion
  13. Petite Danse Macabre

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