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FFT Error - Revolution Planet Flesh EPFFT Error
Category: Industrial / Noise / Experiemental
Album: Revolution Planet Flesh EP
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Blending genres and challenging the listener, FFT Error assault the aesthetic sensibilities of the listener.


Sometimes you encounter an album (or an EP as it were) that exists solely as an audio assault. Perhaps the artist is assaulting society at large, an issue of particular importance, or simply the aesthetic sensibilities of the listener. With the release of Revolution Planet Flesh, FFT Error engages in a war on all fronts, blending genres and challenging the listener.

From the opening bars of Revolution Planet Flesh, FFT Error merges hardcore dance beats with driving, intense guitars and the in your face attrition of punk rock vocals. Revolution Planet Flesh is an EP griped with a palpable sense of urgency, reflecting the chaos and hyper-saturated overstimulation of modern city life. Pulsing with teeth shattering anxiety, songs like “Surfing the Club of Death” confront the listener with shockwaves of post millennial tension. The music courses like traffic through a Los Angeles freeway at night: a perfectly choreographed dance of high speed twists, blinding headlights, near misses, and drunken swerves. Listening to FFT Error is enough to dredge up a loathing to the technological nightmare that we dwell in daily.

Or is what you’re feeling a cathartic celebration? Listening to “Scammer Part I,” it’s almost impossible not to imagine oneself as a teenager in an underground club, shirtless, sweating from every pore, surrounded by the press of concrete walls and the throb of a mosh pit, thrashing and slamming with wild abandon, oblivious to time, burning out the angst so that you can confront the dreary monotony of the day job that will allow you to return here next week. When the pulsing distorted bass stab hits, you can feel the reverb in your chest and the hatred behind your eyes.

FFT Error feels totally modern, totally kinetic, and totally young; totally worth it to take a look.
Track list:

  1. Killer Co..s
  2. Leaving Stockholm
  3. Surfing in the Club of Death
  4. Scammer Part I
  5. Scammer Part II

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