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Fearpassage - Device SwitchFearpassage
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Device Switch
Stars: 2
Blurb: The debut album from Fearpassage combines standard electo/industrial fare with a hefty dose of distortion and dark imagery. Despite the lack of originality, there are a few gems hiding behind raspy vocals and poor production.


Fearpassage is the music project of Michael Fear, who describes it as an outlet for his personal demons. Founded in 2004, Device Switch is the first album to be released from this project.

Device Switch is characterized by raspy, highly distorted vocals that are slightly reminiscent of recent Project Pitchfork, but lacking in the same production quality and focus. Whether the murky production is intentional, it has the effect of washing the album under a foggy veil, making it difficult to discern the good from the bad.

The opening track, “With Love from Hell” is uninspired lyrically, but has sharp, cutting synthesizers and a brooding dark beat. “Blood Thirsty Babe” and “Flower” are two of the more danceable tracks. Both feature a strong beat and simple, repetitive lyrics. Two highlights of the album include “It’s True” and “I’m Leaving.” The ominous bass line and discordant synthesizers of “It’s True” are more suited to the raspy lyrics than many of the other tracks. The final song, “I’m Leaving” is probably the strongest of the album. The haunting piano provides a good contrast to the harsh vocals and ends on the album on a lingering, wistful note.

As a debut album, Device Switch shows signs of promise. Michael Fear has a good sense of drama, melody, and pacing. However, the production seems fuzzy at times and the album as a whole is too heavily reliant on distortion, rendering the lyrics inexplicable. With more refinement and willingness to experiment, Fearpassage will likely develop into a more mature and unique electronic sound.
Track list:

  1. With Love from Hell
  2. Blood Thirsty Babe
  3. Behind Your Door
  4. So Unfortunate
  5. Flower
  6. It’s True
  7. Warm Blood
  8. Like a Knife
  9. Sensory Overload
  10. I’m Leaving

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