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Famine - Nature’s Twin Tendencies
Category: IDM
Album: Nature’s Twin Tendencies
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Famine’s new album journeys from moody, industrial-tinged IDM to metal-fueled drum & bass madness and back again.


Yet another masterful project from Canada’s dark IDM scene, Famine joins the ranks of such artists as Iszoloscope, Ad∙ver∙sary, and Displacer with this collection of moody atmospherics and glitch-laced rhythmic brutality.

Nature’s Twin Tendencies starts off unassuming enough with “Mercury (What Lies Behind the Curtain),” with eerie ambient giving way to mechanized drum & bass and robotic vocals in the vein of latter-day Haujobb, but by “Sig/Int” and “Utarid” things threaten to go off the rails, with manic bleeps and hollow beats coming close to disintegrating into pure glitching chaos. Things shift in structure if not aggressiveness by “Remorseless,” which starts off with tinny church organs evoking such ‘70s Satanic horror soundtracks as The Omen and Rosemary’s Baby, then lurches into thundering drum & bass beats spiked with screaming black metal guitar loops. The trend continues on “Dread Father” and “Blasphemous Reverence,” both of which amp up the aggression with even faster, tinnier guitar samples; fans of Hecate’s more black metal-inspired work will find much to enjoy here. There’s a lot more to Famine’s work than ever-escalating sonic aggression, though; the latter half of the album tends more toward haunting, melodic soundtrack material, with ghostly vocal snippets hovering over “Material Things” and metallic minor-key synth sequences overlapping prettily on “Weak.” Title track “Nature’s Twin Tendencies” is a particularly strong example of Famine’s more symphonic side; starting off with sparse, vaguely Oriental sounding dulcimers and building into somber cinematic textures, it’s reminiscent of Beefcake member Volker Kahl’s Kattoo side project. And amid the aggressive beats and gloomy dirges, the album even manages to have a little fun with “Realign (The Conjuration of Perfect Nature)” paying homage to classic electro, complete with Roland TR-808 sounds. Hard to pin down but impressively put together, Nature’s Twin Tendencies signifies Famine’s status as a rising star.

Track list:

  1. Mercury (What Lies Behind the Curtain)
  2. Powerspender
  3. Sig/Int
  4. Utarid
  5. Remorseless
  6. Dread Father
  7. Blasphemous Reverence
  8. Realign (The Conjuration of Perfect Nature)
  9. Dantalion
  10. Material Things
  11. Weak
  12. Nature’s Twin Tendencies
  13. Everyone is Happy

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