Aug 2011 09

Everpresent - Darklight
Category: Synthpop
Album: Darklight
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Everpresent’s new single aims for dark sensuality and doesn’t quite get there.


With “Darklight,” Everpresent’s Matthew Cahoon tries to create a darkly seductive song that works in multiple genres, from synthpop to contemporary R&B, but he only half-succeeds. The instrumentation works well enough with hints of Arabic-tinged strings and tom-toms adding a hint of exotic sensuality to a deliberately understated synthpop groove, but Cahoon’s vocals, delivered in an almost breathless but still full-throated tenor, miss the mark, neither unabashedly sexual enough for the R&B crowd nor wistfully melancholy enough for synthpop stalwarts. Further hampering things are clunky couplets like, “I like the way you fight / You’re such a dark angel of light.” Thankfully, a remix by Galvanax takes things in a more interesting direction, adding drum & bass rhythms for extra grit while also drawing emphasis to the Middle Eastern elements. The rest of the single is filled out with instrumental and a capella versions, neither of which seem particularly necessary, though the instrumental mix at least highlights the song’s best qualities. A teaser for Everpresent’s next full-length album, this release is probably best left to fans already familiar with Cahoon’s work.
Track list:

  1. Darklight
  2. Darklight (DJGX Remix)
  3. Darklight (Instrumental)
  4. Darklight (A Capella)

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