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Etic - Plan B
Category: Trance
Album: Plan B
Stars: 2
Blurb: Nothing but dance… which leaves room for a lot more to be desired.


Etay Harary is an Israel-based producer of electronic music, specifically in the trance genre. With four albums under his belt, Harary presents a two-track EP under one of his many monikers, Etic, titled Plan B. This EP consists of exactly two songs, both of which run approximately seven minutes and are driven exclusively by club-style drum & bass. Harary proves that he knows how to spin a club dance track with ease, but does this warrant its own EP?

Etic’s two tracks are enjoyable, danceable, and moving. Smooth and relaxing, there’s nothing too quick or complex about either mix; the music goes by in such a way, however, that each may seem like the quickest seven minutes ever spent. The main drawback, though, is the flagrant lack of diversity the two tracks display. If not for the fade between the two tracks, it’s entirely possible to mistake the EP for a 14 minute single. This could possibly be considered a good thing; a DJ could take a bathroom break while letting this EP play all the way through. The crowd probably wouldn’t have any idea. Electronic music suffers heavy accusations of all sounding the same, but that’s no reason to create an EP with two extremely identical tracks. With 80 minutes of available space on a typical disc, so much more could have been accomplished. Then again, from what the two tracks here show, Etic might have just let the same beat run the whole disc.

The B in Plan B most likely stands for Background Music. More likely than not, the listener could loop this EP and never even notice.

Track list:

  1. Plan B
  2. As It Happens

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