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Category: Terror EBM / Industrial
Album: Eight Thousand Square Feet
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: ESC’s newest release is fun, aggressive, and competent, if not original.


The success of bands like Combichrist, Hex Rx, SITD, Aesthetic Perfection, and other similar artists in recent years has spawned a considerable number of copycats, clones, and mediocre rip-offs. There are also bands who’ve been inspired to explore new, albeit related territory in a less imitative way. ESC is an up-and-coming band who perhaps lies somewhere in the middle ground between those two approaches.

ESC – Eden Synthetic Corps – is a quartet from Leiria, Portugal. Consisting of members Hypecrash, Chainheart, Glamour Diesel, and IDK, ESC was formed in 2005 with the express objective and making powerful, energetic, and original industrial dance music. Of the three goals, they’ve succeeded especially with the first two.

Their latest release is the edgy, visceral Eight Thousand Square Feet, which features some of the fastest, most aggressive, and well produced music to recently come out of the hard electro/industrial scene. “Correcting God’s Design” and “White Beast (Retribution)” are tracks that certainly would find themselves welcome in any gothic/industrial dance club, and generally speaking, Eight Thousand Square Feet makes a good substitute for those who were disappointed in the latest Combichrist album, which took a more rock-oriented and experimental approach. The album’s title track, “Eight Thousand Square Feet” is by far the disc’s most notable song and gives us a peek at ESC’s potential inventiveness, perfectly incorporating a dissonant and eerie piano piece in between throbbing percussion and strangled voices.

While Eight Thousand Square Feet is perfect for fans of the bands mentioned above, the album grows more and more anemic after the fourth track and all you really get is filler that is interchangeable with nearly any other contemporary industrial/EBM record. There is precious little here that really makes ESC stand out in the crowd, and as a result they have no real identity of their own. Many of their synth lines, vocal effects, and bass lines are nothing we all haven’t heard before. They do what they do quite well; it’s just too bad countless other bands have already beat them to it.
Track list:

  1. Concrete
  2. Eight Thousand Square Feet
  3. Correcting God’s Design
  4. White Beast (Retribution)
  5. Raiva
  6. Proprioception
  7. Le Voyage D’Ivoire Sophisme (feat. X-Fusion)
  8. -48ºC
  9. The Grand Atrium of Light
  10. Dishonour
  11. Leitbild (feat. SITD)
  12. An Horizon Inside Four Walls

ESC MySpace http://www.myspace.com/edensyntheticcorps
Scanner Website / Dark Dimensons Website http://www.darkdimensions.de
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