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Epoch - Purity & RevolutionEpoch
Category: Industrial
Album: Purity & Revolution
Stars: 2
Blurb: Epoch shows what happens when a band over-commits to a gimmick.


The first full-length album from this U.S. based band, Purity & Revolution channels a mid ‘90s industrial style, heavy on sampling and grim military overtones. Intended as a reflection of current world environments, but using historical speeches and propaganda to illuminate the past and how things have come to be, Epoch definitely started with an interesting concept but sticking too closely to that concept seems to have caused its own issues.

With its grim overtones and love of sampling, early on Epoch feels somewhat reminiscent of early Leæther Strip. However, instead of having Claus Larsen bringing some venom to the tracks, the largely lyric-less Epoch chooses to use samples as its voice. In “Capitalism is the New Fascism,” for example, Epoch uses samples from both U.S. bank system failures to juxtapose the rhetoric of the times. While this is effective for conveying the message, the style loses its punch as it is abused throughout the album. The music that accompanies the samples frequently doesn’t help matters. Taking on militant tones complete with drum rolls and blasting horn sounds on top of relatively simple and straightforward electronics, the album has a general lo-fi sound that, though likely intentional to fit the overall theme, leaves things feeling rather hollow and lacking in much needed edge.

It’s easy to tell what Epoch was trying to do with this album, and though the act largely seems to have attained the goal, the final product just isn’t appealing or memorable. As an art piece and a political statement, the album mostly works, but its rather tiresome overuse of propaganda samples and overall dated sound relegate it to being an interesting piece to experience once, but not something to ever really revisit.
Track list:

  1. W.T.O.
  2. Capitalism is the New Fascism
  3. Architect of the Third World
  4. False Hope, False Victory
  5. Purity & Revolution
  6. The Corporate State
  7. Invisible Empire
  8. Capitalism is the New Fascism (Version)
  9. March of the Revolution

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