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Category: Electronica / Experimental
Album: Fire the Lazers!!!
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Professional drummers take dub and experimental electronica into a curious new territory.


EOTO is certainly one of the stranger and more anomalous bands in the music world today. Formed in 2006 in Boulder, Colorado by Michael Travis and Jason Hann, they’ve dubbed EOTO’s unique mixture of music as “livetronica.” Both professional drummers for a number of acts for many years, Travis and Hann decided to pursue a style of music unlike anything they’d ever created before. Their initial effort, Elephants Only Talk Occasionally was recorded in just three days. Their third and latest recording is Fire the Lazers!!!, a science fiction inspired brew of aural decadence.

What makes the tunes on Fire the Lazers!!! so unusual is their method of creation. Travis and Hann record drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and other instruments and then create loops of the recordings using the software program Ableton, all the while incorporating their live drumming into the mix. EOTO does this on the spot, and always uses the first take as the final take. As a result of this methodology, each album, song, and live show is wholly singular and unique, impossible to be repeated or recreated.

The results of this approach can be anywhere from humdrum to captivating. While not expressly dance music, each track does lend itself to a certain degree of uniformity and the lack of any verbal phonetics allows the listener to get quite lost in the varying rhythms and colorful environment that each track generates. Fire the Lazers!!! culminates into a great record for anyone who’s looking for something to put on while multitasking – anything from visual art to that report that needs to be turned in on time. Think Boards of Canada (if they let their hair down), and the sounds and tonalities of ‘50s science fiction cinema rolled into one.

Their instrumental style will prevent certain types from finding the music accessible, and the general lack of a specific direction in the music will likely cause others to simply consider Fire the Lazers!!! a momentary novelty. For these types, as well as speaking generally, I believe the live performance medium is where EOTO would really be at their best.


Track list:

  1. Flying Red
  2. Time Saw
  3. Are We Dead?
  4. Contact
  5. Comrade Down
  6. Make My Day!
  7. Spare Parts
  8. Autopsy
  9. Circuit Bent
  10. Valeria Victrix
  11. Externity (Reprise)


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EOTO Twitter http://twitter.com/EOTOmusic
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