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My Enemy Complete - The Symmetry of RealizingMy Enemy Complete
Category: Industrial / Electro / Rock
Album: The Symmetry of Realizing
Stars: 4
Blurb: More danceable and electro without losing the industrial rock power, My Enemy Complete’s sophomore album strikes a nearly perfect balance between underground edge and mainstream appeal.


Over the years, Washington, DC’s My Enemy Complete has certainly come into its own; after a blistering debut album, the band has showcased its heavy and electrifying brand of alt. rock throughout the area, playing numerous events and opening for several high profile acts. Since the addition of synth player Tim Phillips, the band has taken a shift toward a more electro, more danceable, yet no less aggressive sound, as evidenced by the sophomore album, The Symmetry of Realizing. As Brian Fasani’s throbbing metallic beats of “Defragment” enter, backed by a coldly ambient synth evocative of a piano, the driving guitars of Carlo Pizarro and Bilaal enter the mix as the latter’s emotive voice soars as magnificently as ever – My Enemy Complete at its best! Songs like “Fifteenth Night” with its mechanical, factory-like backdrop and stark melodies, or “Convergence” with its guttural riff instilling a sense of raging urgency and piercing synth lines are perhaps the most reminiscent of the band’s previous album, capturing a classic coldwave atmosphere that puts the band on par with the best of ‘90s guitar-based industrial. At other moments like on the pulsating sequences and dance floor energy of “Memory Cell” or “Where Are You Now,” Phillips’ influence can distinctly be heard, reminiscent of his work in past collaborations with Hollowboy and The Perfects, and helping to further My Enemy Complete’s broader appeal. Indeed, especially so on a song like “Silent Compromise” with its anthemic chorus and fiery guitar lines, there is a much more radio friendly feel to The Symmetry of Realizing; without losing its underground edge, these songs achieve a fine balance between grinding industrialized rock and electro-tinged pop sensibility, all topped off by passionate vocals perfect for the alt. rock crowd. Immersive, expressive, and simply rocking; in a word, The Symmetry of Realizing is a nearly perfect album from a band that simply deserves to be heard and enjoyed by a wider audience.
Track list:

  1. Defragment
  2. Silent Compromise
  3. Fifteenth Night
  4. The Only Sadness
  5. Memory Cell
  6. Where Are You Now
  7. Convergence
  8. Circular Mind

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