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En Nihil - The Approaching DarkEn Nihil
Category: Industrial / Experimental / Ambient
Album: The Approaching Dark
Stars: 3
Blurb: An album that will leave its audience as divided and fragmented as its sound.


After a 10 year hiatus, one man project En Nihil has had a comparable flurry of activity since 2009 putting out nearly an album a year. Reveling in a dark brand of industrial, heavy in noise and experimentation, En Nihil shares many similarities to black metal in its attempts to harness a chaotic structure to express work heavy on mood.

From its very start, En Nihil does everything it can to drive off casual listeners with the near intolerable “The Tombs of Empire.” As its near formless noise pours from the speakers, many hands will undoubtedly flee to the stop button. This is quickly followed by the ambient drone of “Frozen Postures,” which uses soft modulated chimes and a constant sound of an eerie, otherworldly blowing wind to strike a mood of frozen desolation. Throughout, En Nihil dances back and forth between heavy handed noise tracks that have all the subtlety of a sledgehammer and light, delicately assembled tracks that carry a morose beauty, grinding the two extremes against one another to create an album-wide level of discord. The latter half of “The Approaching Dark” is one of the few attempts to bring these two extremes together, but is unfortunately mixed in such a way that the bass heavy noise just completely overpowers and oppresses the softer dancing elements lying underneath, but that may very well have been the artist’s intention.

The Approaching Dark is a difficult album to recommend and it certainly takes some time and commitment for the album’s strengths to really become apparent. As a moody conceptual piece that juxtaposes hard and soft elements, it certainly succeeds, but it leaves one wondering if such harsh delineation between the hard and soft was necessary and if an album-wide middle ground could have been found, like that almost suggested in “The Approaching Dark,” which may have been more successful and less jarring to listen to.
Track list:

  1. The Tombs of Empire
  2. Frozen Postures
  3. The Hearts Relent
  4. Human Animal
  5. Futile Man – The Weight of Absolution
  6. Souls to Cease
  7. Vulture Reign
  8. The Approaching Dark
  9. Darkfall

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