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Emotikon - EmotikonEmotikon
Category: Electro-pop
Album: Emotikon
Stars: 3
Blurb: Fun, danceable synths combine with syrupy but well executed pop vocals to create a compelling project that will turn off some and enthrall others.


A random meeting in an Italian cooking workshop created and formed the group Emotikon when composer Tom Tron and singer Mine met and teamed up to create their self titled album, Emotikon. The music of Emotikon is lighthearted and synth heavy with equally light vocals that almost seem like they would fit in the soundtrack of an anime. Having said that, the poppy atmosphere of the vocals, lyrics, and synths may be a major turnoff for some, but for those who are sucked in, this is an album with great sound quality, an interesting and fresh musical style, as well as an upbeat atmosphere. Emotikon has also packed the album with enough catchiness to capture every PokeMon in existence or zombify the listeners with cuteness depending on who you ask. Emotikon begins with “The Eye in the Sky,” a track infused with an ‘80s educational TV show synth opener that combines with strings and atmospheric pads to create a nice beginning to the overall project. “When Does My Life Begin?” continues the ‘80s synth style with drums to match and is infectious to hear. “Big Bad Dragon” could easily be nominated for the catchiest song ever with its background roars, super cute and hypnotizing chorus, and video game-like synths, as well as upbeat vocals to match the energy of the rest of the track. Emotikon takes a very hard turn for the syrupy with “Still Thinking of You” sounding like a track that could very well have been a Britney Spears track from the ‘90s and lacks the same energy as its predecessors. “Too Old” brings a little more attitude to the album as a whole and has a dark synth and bass combination that is also extremely catchy in delivery. Dancing, upbeat, and stylish instrumentation comprise “Money Isn’t Everything,” with light electric guitar riffs in its background as well as thick bass and synths; however, the guest vocals from Respect Tha God do nothing but take away from its presentation, the nonsensical rambling seeming out of place altogether. Emotikon is well produced, catchy, upbeat, fun, and interesting. However, it is also very lighthearted and sweet – traits that many may not be looking for when they reach for their latest musical distraction. The overly soft lyrics and melodies will either turn off listeners or enthrall them, causing them to revel in the adorable nature of each track. Emotikon is indeed extremely poppy, but the execution is spot on and while not for everyone will still appeal to a broad base of fans.
Track list:

  1. The Eye in the Sky
  2. When Does My Life Begin?
  3. Straight to Your Face
  4. Big Bad Dragon
  5. Still Thinking of You
  6. Walk Among the Clouds
  7. Too Old
  8. True Love
  9. Where Are You From?
  10. Money isn’t Everything (feat. Respect Tha God)
  11. You Are
  12. The End of the World

Emotikon Website http://emotikon.zimbalam.com
Emotikon Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emotikon/285451648148676
Emotikon Twitter http://twitter.com/emotikon_band
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