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Ell-Er - Ultra EPEll-Er
Category: Techno / House
Album: Ultra EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: Ell-Er’s addictively soothing “Ultra” gets the remix treatment on this two-track EP.


The techno project of Swedish DJ and producer Lars Rosenblad, Ell-Er is known for relaxed dance beats and a minimalist approach to house music. With the Ultra EP, we get a sampling of Rosenblad’s style with two versions of his incredibly laid back track, “Ultra.”

The original mix begins with a blend of percussion that builds up slowly into a body-swaying groove. Uncomplicated, the focus is on the beat with a subtle tone that repeats. It’s nearly nine minutes long but doesn’t grow stale as Rosenblad knows when to pause, fade, and mix it up a bit. The rhythm is undeniable.

Fred White, who remixed the track, is a Swedish DJ, music producer, and cofounder of the 20-year-old Arvika Festivalen. His version of “Ultra” skips the slow buildup and jumps pretty quickly into the meat of the piece. After turning up the volume and the treble, speeding up the tempo, and adding some less organic effects, this mix is less tranquil than the original but equally engaging.

Ell-Er produces the kind of house music you can groove to all night long, relaxing with an addictive beat, and just enough variation to keep it from getting dull.

Track list:

  1. Ultra (Original Mix)
  2. Ultra (Fred White Remix)

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