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Elias Matt & (the) Rescue Mission - Achtung! AlphaElias Matt & (the) Rescue Mission
Category: Electro-pop
Album: Achtung! Alpha
Stars: 4
Blurb: This time traveling piece of musical work is ripe with bouncy electro and repetitive chants and phrases on top of a very ’80s sound.


The second you turn on Elias Matt & (the) Rescue Mission’s Achtung! Alpha, you will immediately hear the ‘80s. This album is very retro but it also bears a futuristic sound as well. In some portions, there are dual vocals from both Elias Matt and Stephanie Sagert, and it is in these portions you will find the most catchy sounds and melodies on the album, though through the majority of the album, Stephanie is doing background vocal work. Also, at the end of the album, there is a relaxed cover of The Smiths’ “There Is a Light that Never Goes Out,” but unfortunately, this is one of few tracks where Sagert commands the entire song as lead with her clear and crisp vocals.

Achtung! Alpha opens with the bouncy and catchy “Achtung! (Try to Stay Healthy…),” which is a lovely opener and is sure to bring anyone with open ears into the album’s world with its repetitive chanting and phrasing. The track immediately following is “No, No, No!” and this song definitely pushes the album’s ‘80s electro-pop sound and kicks in at a quick pace with vocal volleys being traded back and forth between Matt and Sagert; definitely one of the more notable tracks on the album. Though the subject matter seems to be centered on the human psyche, the music is very up-tempo and a bit lighthearted. Also, the album’s sound isn’t very dark, though in certain tracks such as “European Decadence” and “Things You Shouldn’t Think About,” the lyrics can be described as such.

Achtung! Alpha is a very up-tempo and enjoyable retro electro concoction of travels through the human psyche. In some points, there is a little more repetition than necessary and the dual vocals could have been used more often, such as with the track, “No, No, No!” and “Keep Me Back from the Fire.” It is very effective and adds to the overall listening experience of the album. Little flaws aside, Elias Matt & (the) Rescue Mission has produced quality work here and it’s worth giving a listen, especially for fans of retro electronica.
Track list:

  1. Achtung (Try to Stay Healthy…)
  2. No, No, No!
  3. Too Young for the Big Sleep
  4. Universal Healing
  5. Stand Up When They Beat the Drum
  6. European Decadence Express
  7. European Decadence
  8. Chocolate Cloud
  9. Things You Shouldn’t Think About
  10. Keep Me Back from the Fire
  11. Reach Out
  12. There Is a Light that Never Goes Out

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