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ElectroNobody - Nation of CyborgsElectroNobody
Category: Electro / Rock
Album: Nation of Cyborgs
Blurb: This new entry into the world of cinematic electronic music works well as a videogame soundtrack, but does not work well as a standalone listening experience.


ElectroNobody is the work of Russian producer Vladimir Stepanov and Nation of Cyborgs is his first release, a collection of soundtracks for various videogames – some for specific games, some not. The idea of creating soundtracks for things that don’t exist – or in this case, existed well before the music was created – is something that has been made more popular in the last few years by artists such as Celldweller with his Soundtrack for Voices in My Head series and Blue Stahli with his Anti-Sleep series. While this first release from ElectroNobody doesn’t reach the production or songwriting heights of those other, more seasoned artists, it does show promise.

The opening track, “Third-Person Shooter” sets the tone for what to expect for the rest of the EP, with breakbeats, chugging guitars, and quite a bit of bass. The tracks “Nation of Cyborgs” and “Human Revolution” are mellower with quieter breakbeats and light pulsing synths, giving them a cyberpunk noir feel, not unlike the more subdued tracks from Cyanotic. “Wipeout” goes full Bassnectar style dubstep, complete with high end and low end warbles and a layer of guitars, while “Assault on Dark Athena” uses slow, rock style drums, lots of distorted bass, and even more guitars to make it the heaviest track on the EP. The track “Indigo Prophecy” is the only track on Nation of Cyborgs with a vocalist; it’s a slower, trip-hop style track and Courtney Lee’s vocal is slow, haunted, and adds more color to the track than the others by way of melody. But even so, it suffers from the same issue as the rest of the tracks.

The tracks convey a sense of mood and do well with what they seem to be intended for – listening while playing videogames, but they make for a forgettable standalone experience. There is very little in the way of hooks to get into your head, but even as a videogame soundtrack, it falls short as the EP only clocks in at a total of 21 minutes. While this release is underwhelming, this writer would like to see more releases from ElectroNobody. The production is layered, mixed well, and goes across a number of genres. Hopefully with future releases, ElectroNobody can find his niche, whether that is working with more vocalists, creating more melodic songs, or continuing to create videogame scores, real or otherwise.
Track list:

  1. Third-Person Shooter
  2. Nation of Cyborgs
  3. Indigo Prohpecy
  4. Wipeout
  5. Human Revolution
  6. Assault on Dark Athena

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