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Electric Six - Absolute PleasureElectric Six
Category: Electro / Rock
Album: Absolute Pleasure
Stars: 3
Blurb: This long awaited live release is a romp through Electric Six’s eight LPs, full of genre-bending disarray and high energy; a treat for fans, though it may not convert you.


Detroit’s favorite party rockers Electric Six have finally released a live album, Absolute Pleasure, following eight studio albums in as many years. The recordings were made over two nights – one at First Avenue in Minneapolis and the second at The Double Door in Chicago. Having so much material to choose from over the years also makes this a bit of a “best of” album, with the 17 tracks bringing a good sampling of the bands’ eclectic sound and energetic live show to the table.

Dick Valentine proves himself an excellent front man, providing enough entertaining and funny banter between tracks to almost make you wish you were there to see him in action. The production is fairly crisp and the band adds enough differences to help breathe some new life into their studio hits. There’s an extended drum solo in “Dirty Ball” that makes it rock even harder, and some extra guitar in “Jam It In the Hole” adds some new flair. There are raucous renditions of early career favorites like “Dance Commander,” “Down at McDonnelzzz,” “Gay Bar,” and, of course, the song usually considered the band’s biggest hit, “Danger! High Voltage.” There’s also a three song encore that kicks off with a great cover of the Osmond’s “Crazy Horses,” and winds up with “Synthesizer,” a favorite from the Fire LP.

For a live album, it does an good job of displaying what Electric Six does best – bending genres, having fun, and taking you along for the ride. If you’re already a fan, this release should be incredibly enjoyable, even if the album didn’t end up being a double-disc as originally intended. The band manages to stay true to its sound and overall vibe so if you’re not a fan of their studio work, it’s most likely not much here that will change your mind.
Track list:

  1. It’s Showtime!
  2. Down at McDonnelzzz
  3. Danger! High Voltage
  4. Future Is In the Future
  5. Dirty Ball
  6. When I Get to the Green Building
  7. Gay Bar
  8. Infected Girls
  9. Jam It In the Hole
  10. She’s White
  11. Body Shot
  12. Dance Epidemic
  13. I Buy the Drugs
  14. Hello! I See You!
  15. Crazy Horses
  16. Dance Commander
  17. Synthesizer

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