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Category: Ambient / Experimental / Noise
Album: Amaterasu Shiroi
Stars: 2
Blurb: Eldar have made music that only a church in Hell could love.


Amaterasu Shiroi is the seventh full-length release from the Spanish noise act Eldar. Formed in Barcelona in 2004 by Marc Merinee and Merce Spica, Eldar creates suffocating and provocative soundscapes that truly defy description. At times cacophonous, Amaterasu Shiroi is a sluggishly layered work that incorporates many different ingredients to produce a record that is as dense as it is almost impossible to listen to. Combining choir-esque vocals, disjointed percussion, static, piano, and a variety of sampled sources, this album becomes an uncomfortable, bowel-churning journey into the very depths of Hell itself.

The mood and atmosphere of this record feels curiously medieval with a very powerful classical influence. The more aggressive and blusterous electronic elements bring to mind other early experimental European bands like Laibach. In terms of overall originality, Eldar certainly rises to the uppermost portion of the list. However, while clearly not a monotonous or uninspired record, Amaterasu Shiroi provides an overbearing, stifling aural experience that just can’t be recommended unless one’s tastes reside in the purview of the noxiously bizarre. As an experiment, it’s somewhat alluring to listen to the first time, but the replay value here sincerely does not exist. This writer certainly doesn’t recommend this record for anyone under the influence, though it’s quite possible this album’s finer attributes may shine brighter while in that frame of mind.
Track list:

  1. Baraeco Sin Eske
  2. Arconi Radgost Inda
  3. Yaincoa Flintz Egis
  4. Tagotis Ilia Isgen
  5. Dibus Deabus Deseri
  6. Vagadonnaego Adar Gens
  7. Endouelico Nebo Kar
  8. Ora Sule Elake
  9. Ace Ebire Erun
  10. Elias Kus II

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