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Eisbrecher - Die Hölle Muss WartenEisbrecher
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Die Hölle Muss Warten
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Eisbrecher delivers a hearty dose of crunchy guitars and expertly crafted synth lines, but fails to deliver anything that has not already been seen on previous releases.


Alexx Wesselsky and Noel Pix have been incredibly busy over the past decade. After leaving Megaherz in 2003, the pair formed Eisbrecher and has released an album roughly every two years since. 2012’s Die Hölle Muss Warten delivers a full dose of the Neue Deutsche Härte they are known for, but generally fails to break any new ground or explore any territory not already covered by previous releases.

The album opens with the blistering “Tanz mit Mir,” which is all fury and German bombast – par for the course for Eisbrecher. While the comparisons to Rammstein always seem to follow Eisbrecher, the differences of Alexx’s vocal stylings are apparent on the chorus, which eschews an operatic tone for a more traditional, layered approach. A track toward the ends of the album, “Exzess Express” has a very catchy chorus and a synth intro that will almost definitely get stuck in your head. The title track switches things up with a slower approach – strings lead the song in, followed by a mid-tempo beat and markedly less aggressive guitars. It’s refreshing to see such a textured, nuanced song follow the opening tracks, although it’s really not breaking any new ground for the group. Disappointingly, there is a track that is titled, “Herz aus Eis” which may sound familiar to longtime Eisbrecher and Megaherz fans. Alexx has already penned a song called “Herz aus Stein” and a song entitled “Gold” with the lyric “Herz aus Gold.” It’s frustrating to see a song about a heart made of something that hearts usually aren’t expected to be made of. Much like Trent Reznor’s love of working terms like “knees,” “flesh,” and “sin” into his lyrics, Alexx’s love of “Herz aus” is beginning to wear thin. The rest of Die Hölle Muss Warten carries on in the same vein – alternately up-tempo and down-tempo, angry and sad, back and forth for the album’s 15 tracks. Put the album on random and go to any individual track and you’ve got something catchy and a lot of fun. Listen to it end to end and it may begin to grate on you.

The problem with this album is a problem that has persisted across all Eisbrecher albums: they all sound more or less interchangeable. The music is incredibly solid and enjoyable to listen to – the aggressive songs are punchy in all the right places, the melancholy songs carry the appropriate gravity, and the vocals and production are tight and spot on. It’s just that every album sounds the same. Pop quiz – which album was the one that had the aggressive, in-your-face track, followed by the mid-tempo ballad, followed by the club hit with the vocal interplay between male and female vocalists? If your answer was every album, you’d be exactly right.

If you haven’t heard Eisbrecher yet, go ahead and pick this album up. If you’ve already heard one of their other albums and feel satiated, it’s probably best to pass on this one. Again, it’s really a solid album; just probably something you’ve heard before. They are nothing if not consistent, and it’s not terrible to be consistently adept at what you do.
Track list:

  1. Tanz mit Mir
  2. Augen Unter Null
  3. Die Hölle Muss Warten
  4. Verrückt (Original Version)
  5. Herz aus Eis
  6. Prototyp
  7. Ein Leben Lang Unsterblich
  8. Abgrund
  9. In Meinem Raum
  10. Keine Liebe
  11. Exzess Express
  12. Rette Mich
  13. Atem
  14. Treiben
  15. Verrückt (Combichrist Remix)

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