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Ego Likeness - Treacherous ThingEgo Likeness
Category: Darkwave
Album: Treacherous Thing EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: The darkwave stars let the Manichean nature of the music soar on this brief but indulging prelude to the upcoming new album.


In between extensive touring, working on other musical fronts, Steven Archer’s art projects and Donna Lynch’s writing efforts that culminated in the recent publication of Red Horses, the two dark souls that form the unity of Ego Likeness delivered a teaser of the upcoming full-length album Know Thine Enemy, to be released later this year courtesy of Metropolis Records. Treacherous Thing offers the listeners merely one new song, but it’s enough to get fans of the band excited and the accompanying remixes extend the longevity of the EP and bring to the table several visions unified under the same somber cloak of gothic influences, but diverse in execution and style.

“Treacherous Thing” itself is a great example of the act’s ability to blend grim darkwave atmospheres with pulsating and resonant electronica. The heartbeat of the track is in fact sustained in equal parts by the constant whiz of electro engines and guitars that rev up during each chorus together with the quickening pace of the lyrics, positioning Ego Likeness smack down in the middle of the classic goth rock crowd of the ‘80s and the more current crop of industrial artists. The first passages of the album mix that opens the release have the distinct texture of percussion defined intensity that later begin to serve as a charged and intensely absorbing canvas for the deep and sensuous vocal work. The yin and yang of the duo’s mode of expression, Archer’s and Lynch’s merging sensibilities set the path for the gothic soundscapes of Ego Likeness back in 1999 and it is no real surprise that Treacherous Thing confidently continues down this shadowy road.

However, the pleasures of this single extend beyond the nostalgic connotations with goth rock groups like The Sisters of Mercy or Bauhaus and the varied collection of artists helps test the material’s potential for more dynamic club arrangements. While Stiff Valentine and More Machine Than Man exploit the underused roar of guitars, the rest of the tracks hope to enliven the song’s gloomy dynamic and Ludovico Technique, through the Ben V.’s recognizable heavy falling blunt beats, successfully pulls the song in both directions, simultaneously achieving a pervasive sense of lyrical urgency and the unstoppable industrial rhythm.

It’s been a while since audiences got to hear Ego Likeness’s own signature voice and even if there’s a while longer before we get to hear the band on a new release proper, Treacherous Thing does enough to remind everyone why it might be a record worth waiting for. Without surprises and revelations but with confidence and recognition of one’s strengths in spades, this EP is a solid appetizer for the pleasures to come.
Track list:

  1. Treacherous Thing
  2. Treacherous Thing (Lurker Mix by Exageist)
  3. Treacherous Thing (City of Dust Mix by Stiff Valentine)
  4. Treacherous Thing (Cryogen Second Remix)
  5. Treacherous Thing (More Machine Than Man Remix)
  6. Treacherous Thing (Dance Till Dawn Mix by Deathproof)
  7. Treacherous Thing (Ludovico Technique Remix)

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