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Ego and the Ids
Category: Goth / Experimental
Album: Another Sad and Bizarre Chapter in Human History
Stars: 3
Blurb: The thematically connected second album from Ego and the Ids once again reveals a distinctive and haunting approach to music making.


Delonde Bell and Gerald del Camp return to the scene with the wonderfully obscure Another Sad and Bizarre Chapter in Human History. As the elongated and puzzling title alludes, the duo have taken a snapshot from sixth century history and refashioned the tale by setting it to music. Arthurian legend takes center-stage with Ego and the Ids’ latest offering and the musical arrangements on the disc extend from gothic (practically spoken) rock to experimental ambient. A multitude of acoustic and electronic components meld together to create a soundscape that warmly invites you into the band’s latest incarnation of sound. Simply put, Another Sad and Bizarre Chapter in Human History is a creative muddle of melodies that push forward the tale of King Arthur.

The medieval storyline aside, the collection begins with an introduction that engages with an array of synths and atmospheric non-melody. Here, the experimental component is immediately evident, begging a listen as to what might come next. “Do You Dream in Color” switches things up with a straightforward delve into brooding gothic rock. This contrast is as oddly unsettling as it is intriguing. The following two tracks incorporate more of the earlier electronica backbone, instrumentally weaving back and forth with an assortment of guitar-riffed harmonies and battered percussive moments. Returning to the vocally-driven gothic element, “Stumble, Trip & Fall” throws you into a sense of musical confusion. Not that this genre divergence is not welcome, but it just seems slightly offsetting when compared to the elegance of the preceding instrumental pieces. However, the striking and enigmatic electric guitar work on the gothic-laden track is more than enough to grant allowances for the change. “The Death of Arthur” and “Lady of the Lake” reinstates the haunting sounds of the earlier instrumental tracks, delivering a somber pseudo-finish to the album. Lastly, “Picture It” allows Ego and the Ids to take a bow with a sunset of a finale incorporating a slightly more positive gothic tonality.

Though much more connected this time around, Ego and the Ids remain modestly scattered when it comes down to genre connectivity. But who’s to say that this is a bad thing? Another Sad and Bizarre Chapter in Human History is an album that takes you in, holds your interest, and leaves you with a sense of wanting more. The inclusion of the many diverse genres and experimental styles in one eight-song collection is to be admired – especially when the finished product exudes such a great degree of raw creativity.


Track list:

  1. Merlin Conjures the Dragon
  2. Do You Dream in Color
  3. Round Tables
  4. Guinevere
  5. Stumble, Trip & Fall
  6. The Death of Arthur
  7. Lady of the Lake
  8. Picture It


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