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Edge of Dawn - Stage Fright
Edge of Dawn
Category: EBM
Album: Stage Fright
Stars: 3
Blurb: Remix disc from Edge of Dawn highlights the creative remixing of some notable artists, but makes the originators looking as though they’re standing still.


Edge of Dawn is a future pop band from Mainz, Germany that was originally formed as a solo endeavor in 1998 by Mario Schumacher. Since 2005 when the band was joined by Seabound’s Frank Spinath, Edge of Dawn has released a steady stream of albums and EPs, as well as growing commercial success. Their latest, Stage Fright includes remixes from their 2010 album Anything that Gets You Through the Night as well as a few new tracks.

For better or worse, many of us have come to expect such glorified singles as a fact of life. Stage Fright does stand out however as a remix disc where the new interpretations distinguish themselves from their originals and in nearly every case surpasses them. While Edge of Dawn’s original style is a bit formulaic and played out, some choice bands have come along with breathe some potent vibrancy to the material. Of particular note is Rotersand’s remix of the new track “Up (A Cold Case).” The original feels a bit wispy and thin, and even a little too fast for its own good. Rotersand’s version provides a necessary weight to the piece, fleshing out the beats, providing more bass, and slowing the whole track down, which does wonders for the overall impact of the song. Even more impressive is Rotersand’s ability to accomplish this without stamping their own trademark sound upon Edge of Dawn’s work. Another great example is Steril’s rework of the title track “Stage Fright,” which accomplishes much of the same with their version.

Other tracks on the disc aren’t as impressive. One of the original tracks on the disc, “Enchanted” is another of those slow ambient filler tracks that don’t really build into anything or leave much of an impression. While this writer always appreciates when a band offers some variety, I do think in this case they could have done better for a nearly album-length release.

Overall, Stage Fright does provide some great dance floor fodder but it doesn’t stand out as a reasonable introduction to Edge of Dawn’s work. Ultimately it’s the guest remixers who shine the brightest, leaving the original artist looking stale.

Track list:

  1. Stage Fright (Steril Remix)
  2. Valid World (Acretongue Remix)
  3. Up (A Cold Case)
  4. Enchanted
  5. In Your Sleep (Renegade of Noise Remix)
  6. Capsized (Cryo Remix)
  7. Up (A Cold Case) (Rotersand Remix)
  8. Stage Fright (Splitter Remix)

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