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Dyskhord - The HarmonyDyskhord
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: The Harmony
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: While the emphasis on this varied collection is on industrial and EBM genres, there are occasional forays into noise and aggrotech.


Dyskhord is the creation of American Alan Chitty. The Harmony is Dyskhord’s second release with CRLStudios and it’s a lengthy one – coming in at 26 tracks of EBM and industrial goodness, it is unsurprising that The Harmony is somewhat of a grab bag of styles and themes.

The Harmony does not feel like an album with a theme or a story to tell. Rather, it feels like a collection of many individual snapshots in time, capturing the mood and the music of some unknown moment. The best songs on the album were the ones that were entirely and unapologetically EBM. The Nightmare of Cain remix of “Like Forever” was a highlight with its aggressive vocals and dance floor beats. “Withdrawals” was another enjoyable track with thumping rhythms and carefully engineered melodies punctuated by intense bursts of vocals. “Calm” is a five minute delight, featuring an intricately woven soundscape overlaid with distorted, mechanized vocals and effects. Some selections from The Harmony invoked a distinct “something about this doesn’t belong” feeling. Both versions of more “More than Music” had a curious ‘80s rap feel to them, interwoven haphazardly with EBM. While not unpleasant, it was unexpected and incongruous.

When Chitty describes Dyskhord as “Alaskan Industrial Music” on his Facebook page, he has hit it right on the mark. The music can be as cold and stark as the northern wilderness, with fragile harmonies held together by synthesizers and programming. At the same time, the resulting landscape is beautiful and undeniably powerful. As an album, The Harmony might try to hit too many notes for everyone’s tastes, but as a collection of distinct tracks, the majority of the songs will be enjoyable for fans of EBM and industrial music.
Track list:

  1. The Harmony (featuring Born of Fire & Lithia)
  2. Ribbon (featuring Lucidstatic & Kimberly Kornmeier)
  3. More than Music (featuring Jimmy Blaze)
  4. Like Forever (vs. Mixtape from Atlantis)
  5. At the End of the Day (featuring Message to the Machine)
  6. Run! (featuring Glue on Smile)
  7. Without Pain
  8. Yamato Damashii
  9. Archives (vs. SE)
  10. Uncircumcised Heart
  11. Withdrawals (vs. Benjamin Gray)
  12. Calm (featuring Lucidstatic & Impurfekt)
  13. Remember Her (featuring Aaron English)
  14. Run! (Surgically Intervened Mix by Aesthetische)
  15. Run! (Aging Mix by Human Error and Dyskhord)
  16. Uncircumcised Heart (Reconciled Mix by Lithia)
  17. Withdrawals (Just Let Go Mix by Mono Penguin)
  18. Without Pain (Stay With the Pain Mix by Noisepsalm)
  19. Yamato Damashii (Bytet Remix)
  20. At the End of the Day (Fearpassage Remix)
  21. At the End of the Day (Shoving Me Mix by Message to the Machine)
  22. Calm (Lucidstatic Remix)
  23. Like Forever (Nightmare of Cain Remix)
  24. More than Music (MTM mix by Glue on Smile)
  25. Remember Her (Remixed by Impurfekt)
  26. Remember Her (Innocent Mix by Psykkle)

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