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Dyskhord - RibbonDyskhord
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: Ribbon
Stars: 3
Blurb: Dyskhord’s Ribbon EP is a good accompaniment to his full-length album The Harmony and offers a glimpse into the styles he enjoys.


Dyskhord is the brainchild of displaced Arizonian Alan Chitty. Chitty relocated to Alaska and currently resides there, which lends good amounts of texture to Dyskhord’s music. The song “Ribbon” is taken from the full-length album The Harmony and is a good addition to those wanting more following the release of the album. “Ribbon” starts out with a heavy driving beat and quickly builds to a more complex song with many layers of electronic rhythms. Not long into the song, you hear Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson add a fitting sample from the movie As Good as It Gets, while the only lyrics on “Ribbon” are shared between a female and male singer consisting of one line. Their voices seem distant, as though they are confined somewhere and trying to get out. It would have been nice if the song had changed tempos somewhere within it as the same continuous beat seems to make the song drag on, even though it is not very long.

There are five remixes that accompany “Ribbon” on this single, some of which are really good. The first is a remix done by Dyskhord himself and contains many of the elements that would have made the original song excellent. The change in tempo and the addition of more electronic elements made this version a more complete arrangement. The mixing of the vocals, adding deeper bass and stretching this remix longer made this song much more enjoyable. The Uplifting mix offers a much more upbeat industrial/dance feel while the K-not remix has a much more ambient weight to it with a similar tempo to the original version. The Iammynewt remix has a much darker gothic feel to it that would be greatly accepted on a video game soundtrack, and the final [Makina] remix is another great EBM track that is capable of getting played at any dance club on industrial night.
Track list:

  1. Ribbon (Album Version)
  2. Ribbon (Tethered Mix by Dyskhord)
  3. Ribbon (Uplifting Mix by Aesthetische)
  4. Ribbon (K-not Remix)
  5. Ribbon (Iammynewt Remix)
  6. Ribbon ([Makina] Remix)

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