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DYM - The Technocratic DeceptionDYM
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: The Technocratic Deception
Stars: 3
Blurb: DYM continues the trend of trying to overcome its weaknesses by overpowering them.


The second full-length studio album from DYM, The Technocratic Deception is a continuation of this Canadian act’s efforts to bring something a little fresh to the world of electro dance floor anthems. Going beyond simple tortured beats and equally tortured vocals, DYM uses complex arrangements and thick vocal distortion to stand out from the crowd, but this still doesn’t save them from some of the pitfalls of the genre.

The opening track, “The End” proves a bit worrisome with its simple structure, anemic composition, and heavy focus on its vocal effect apparently ripped directly from the hive mind of Stracraft’s insect-like race, the Zerg. Thankfully, “Let Your Blood Run Dry” quickly redeems the flat opener with its solid sound engineering, bombastic beat, and much better integration of these elements with over-the-top vocal effects that turn the vocals into a rumbling additional synth instrument. These two tracks foretell most of the story of the album as you find bland or predictable tracks such as “NWO” or “Slave” flanked by songs that show flashes of brilliance. “Glass Catfish,” for example, incorporates subdued dubstep inspired elements. “Techno Decepto,” though somewhat straightforward structurally, proves surprisingly haunting and sorrowful. The dark rumbling “Tumor Type 2” shows off a keen ability to create gritty, guttural sounds that latch onto something primal in the listener.

While DYM’s use of vocal effects may get a bit distracting and silly at times and too often feels like the entire focus of some of the music, the ability to take dance floor focused electro and turn it into something complex and interesting is nothing to laugh at. The tracks that work on The Technocratic Deception prove to be downright explosive and are sure to make many sit up and take notice. It is the tracks that don’t work, though, that are an unfortunate reminder that DYM is poised for greatness but hasn’t quite attained it yet.
Track list:

  1. The End
  2. Let Your Blood Run Dry
  3. NWO
  4. Bring Me Down (feat. It-Clings)
  5. Rapture
  6. Tumor – Type 2
  7. Slave
  8. Techno Dēceptō
  9. What If (feat. Chiasm)
  10. Bit Conspiracy
  11. Glass Catfish
  12. The End (CygnosiC Remix)
  13. Rapture (Fractured Remix)
  14. Slave (FGFC820 Remix)
  15. Glass Catfish (Nitro/Noise Remix)
  16. Swarm (Mas-Si-Osare Remix)

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