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DYM - The Swarm
Category: Electro / EBM
Album: The Swarm
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A one-two combination punch of EP and remix album that is well worthwhile despite its weaknesses.


Apparently unable to decide between releasing an EP or a remix album, DYM’s latest combines the two in this hybrid titled The Swarm. With six new tracks and a remix of every track from their 2008 album, The Invilid, this Canadian electro act has successfully hedged their bets on this one, managing a very worthwhile release despite some of the problems with their new material.

Starting with the six track mini-album of The Swarm, DYM shows off what they’ve been up to and the direction their sound is going, but unfortunately, they seem to be stuck in a bit of a creative rut. The uneventful opening tracks show very little progress or evolution in DYM’s sound as they regurgitate all too familiar synth lines and predictable beats that seem heavily reminiscent of work from Numb’s 1995 album Wasted Sky, but with vocals that are distorted to sound more like the Zerg from the PC game StarCraft. What’s offered is well put together and tightly mixed, but far too bland and familiar to be of any great note.

It’s with the second portion of the album, The Invilid Remixes, where things really take off. Acting as a giant marker showing the border between the two parts with its jarring change in tone and style, Sincere Trade’s superbly glitchy and chaotic reworking of “Bender” kicks off the remix portion in excellent fashion. Though a few of the remixes may be a bit straightforward, they are all solid and enjoyable with Die Sektor, C-Lekktor, and Not Found all managing to stand out prominently with their well done mixes. The best of the crop, however, is saved for the end as “Sin Phony (Fractured Rmx)” surprises with its symphonic sound and excellent balancing of soft and hard elements for a style that manages to be beautiful and gritty at the same time.

Combining an EP and remix album into one release was definitely a very shrewd maneuver by DYM. Not only can it grab the interest of those who tend to be lukewarm on these types of releases when separated, but it also allows the sections to successfully ride on each other’s coattails. In this case, what would have been a lackluster EP and an excellent remix album turns into a great remix album with an easily forgotten lead in.

Track list:

  1. AbbraCadaver
  2. For Katherine
  3. Right To Fail
  4. WMD
  5. Lude
  6. Swarm (Minimal Mix)
  7. Bender (Rmx by Sincere Trade)
  8. EBGM (Rmx by Pre-emptive Strike)
  9. NeuWorldBrave (Rmx by Not Found)
  10. Autonomy of the Will (Rmx by Die Sektor)
  11. Life Sized (Rmx by Comp Uterus)
  12. Touch (Rmx by C-lekktor)
  13. Martha Monoxcide (Rmx by DYM)
  14. Government Stomp! (Rmx by Encephalon)
  15. The Invalid (Rmx by Amduscia)
  16. Sin Phony (Fractured Rmx)

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