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DUBCON (Twilight Circus meets cEvin Key) - UFO Pon Di GullysideDUBCON (Twilight Circus meets cEvin Key)
Category: Electronic / Dub / IDM
Album: UFO Pon Di Gullyside
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Ambient and spacey, while groovy and tranquil, this electrified take on dub music from two masters of electronic music is perfect for drifting amid the heavens.


Having spent the last three decades working as guest musicians on each other’s respective bands, Ryan Moore and cEvin Key finally have come together to form DUBCON and, true to its name, present their own trippy and electrified brand of dub music. As spacey and as ambient as Download while retaining the bass driven groove of Twilight Garden, DUBCON’s UFO Pon Di Gullyside is an eclectic helping of sound and rhythm. Beginning with the skittering electronic movements of “Outerspace,” the snaps of claps and snares along with the washes of fading fuzzy pads clearly evoking Key’s work in both Download and Skinny Puppy, while Moore’s sparse but bouncy, almost funky bass moves us along at a tense but steady pace, the album is as hallucinogenic as any toke can be. Throughout the album, heavily manipulated voice samples distort and mangle in the ether, barely coherent amid the sonic haze of tittering electronics and warbled beats as is the case on tracks like “Heliosphere” and “Green Fire.” Some tracks are a touch more frantic than others, such as in the IDM-esque “Dubbrain” as sounds reverberate at varying speeds to produce an intensely disorienting effect while the almost orchestral stabs that encompass the melodic accompaniment of “First Contact” play a harsh counterpoint to the relaxed assortment of hand drums and skittering synths. Renowned drummer Sly Dunbar of Jamaican duo Sly & Robbie lends his tranquil, almost jazzy percussive flourishes to “Light It Up” and “Zion Cluster,” his chill style keep the listener grounded while the controlled chaos of samples and electronics, along with occasional thrums of reggae guitar produce a swirling vortex of audio bliss. Even on the title track, with a beat so infectious that this writer challenges you not to bop your head, complete with a harmonic synth lead that evokes images of tropical environments; it’s a highly energetic helping of electro/dub, and yet dancing is almost out of the question due to its languid tempo. As cosmic as the opening track, “Moment in Space” is perhaps the most frenetic track on the album with its harsh beat and distorted layers making it the most reminiscent of Download, while the closing track brings us full circle as Michael Rose returns to lend his light but emotive voice to the warped synths and snapping, crackling, popping rhythms leaving one adrift in the heavens. With Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall and Dre Robinson lending their skills at various points along the journey, UFO Pon Di Gullyside will surely please longtime fans of Key’s and Moore’s collective work, bringing together some of the finer elements of the two musicians’ styles. Providing an excellent electronic take on dub, this album is – in a word – jamming.
Track list:

  1. Outerspace
  2. Light It Up
  3. First Contact
  4. Green Fire
  5. Zion Cluster
  6. Moment in Space
  7. Heliosphere
  8. Project Sign
  9. Dubbrain
  10. Farstar
  11. UFO Pon Di Gullyside (Destination Dub)
  12. Gone Orbital

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