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Drifting in Silence - Place in TimeDrifting in Silence
Category: Ambient / Experimental / IDM
Album: Place in Time
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Dreamy, spacey IDM tailored to take the listener’s mind on a journey.


The follow up to 2012’s Lifesounds, Drifting in Silence returns with a spacey EP, Place in Time, that shows a much more focused approach than its predecessor. Creating a warm and uplifting sound heavy on droning synth and retro-futurist soundscapes, Place in Time proves to be very minimalist in style, but carries with it a surprising amount of emotional depth.

One thing that quickly becomes apparent about Place in Time is the very cinematic quality to it. Much of the album will conjure memories of serene and calming imagery from a variety of films. Some of Danny Boyle’s filmography particularly comes to mind with “Leaving” and “Never” feeling tailored for Sunshine as they bring to mind the vast emptiness of space but carrying a spirit of adventure and hope. The title track, “Place in Time” with its subtle, haunting, and dreamy guitar work similarly reminds the listener of the tranquil moments of 28 Days Later that perfectly offset the chaos of the apocalypse with the marvel of life and the beauty of the natural world. Obviously, the imagery conjured in each mind will be different, but the work of Place in Time strongly suggests imagery and is sure to bring listeners’ minds to moments of calm and splendor in either the cinematic world or their own.

Place in Time is an exceptionally pleasant and relaxing experience, but many may find it too often crosses into the realm of new age meditation aids rather than engrossing IDM. There is without a doubt a soft, semi-spiritual calm the album can bring forth with its lush tones and stirring, surprisingly emotional work. The album’s tendency to lull the listener can also cause it to not be terribly memorable or attention grabbing, but its intangible mood enhancing qualities make up for what it lacks in other areas.
Track list:

  1. Balance
  2. Vital
  3. Never
  4. Place In Time
  5. Leaving
  6. Perfection

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