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Dreissk+Anklebiter - Over.Under.ThroughDreissk+Anklebiter
Category: Industrial / IDM / Experimental
Album: Over.Under.Through
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A clever collaborative EP that gives a tantalizing taste of both artists.


Another prime example of artists and labels getting creative with their promotion to adjust to a changing music industry, n5MD offers up this collaborative mini-EP from Dreissk and Anklebiter, the second in their series of “pay with a tweet” EPs. Available as a pay as you want download from Bandcamp, Over.Under.Through can also be paid for by following a link to tweet about the album, essentially paying fans to promote the music with music.

The cleverness of the EP goes beyond the pay and promotion methods employed as the all too short three tracks are actually the same song, but with each artist giving the track their own unique flair. While Dreissk’s “Over” carries a weighty, oppressive sound with its deep resonating beat, sweeping synths, and grinding gritty glitch, Anklebiter’s “Under” with its use of soft piano and generally lighter musical palette takes the song and produces a lovely, but melancholy song. With “Through”, Dreissk’s dark and gritty sound merges with Anklebiter’s light and airy work in a track that is largely an amalgam of its predecessors, but works exceptionally well, giving the track the feeling of definite progression as if a story is unfolding in its notes.

With the purpose of the EP largely seeming to be promotion and building interest in the artists involved, this is very much a “mission accomplished” because the quality of the work in Over.Under.Through makes it very hard not to crave more. The craving the EP leaves the listener with is really its only detriment for once it starts to get most engrossing, it ends. That being said, the show of talent here definitely should not be missed, and for the price of a tweet, the EP is a massive bargain.
Track list:

  1. Dreissk – Over
  2. Anklebiter – Under
  3. Dreissk + Anklebiter – Through

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