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Dream Veil - AgressorDreamVeil
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Agressor
Stars: 3
Blurb: An appetite whetting album built on heavy goth rock guitars, out of control synths, and chant-like vocals, but with remixes that leave a little to be desired.


Like a rocket on a mission of doom comes Russian electro/industrial outfit DreamVeil and the single release Agressor. Owning a sound that combines elements of older goth rock bands and newer electronic techniques, DreamVeil’s groundwork is laid with melancholy synths, high energy, heavy guitars, and vocals that tread the water of anger and melody. The single release of Agressor features two primary tracks, “Agressor” and “Illuzornaya Mechta” along with their accompanying remixes. The single edit of “Agressor” kicks things off with a bang, that bang being loud and wild; electro along with interesting, almost classic ‘80s style guitar riffs that segue into a full on fast paced track that never relents until its end. The Old School Industrial Dance mix by Roman Rain sounds exactly like its title description, taking the fast tempo and revert it into a steady, dance ready beat instead. However, aside from this noticeable change, the rest of the track’s other elements remain. The Studio-Drums Version 2012 mix of “Illuzornaya Mechta” definitely has a retro darkwave feel as the vocals groan. The guitars are full of metal, while the background pads are ethereal and the drums light and steady. The Sector 516 remix of “Illuzornaya Mectha” offers even more in the way of synths and kills off the guitars for the most part, leaving behind a wave of catchy electronica to go along with the vocal groans. The final track, “Outro (Agressor)” leaves a somewhat epic ending to the single release and sounds almost like a commercial for the album that is sure to follow. This, however, is not a bad idea as it does leave a lot of wonder with its spacey synths and if this is an indicator to the direction of the rest of the album to come, DreamVeil may be on the right track to something bright.
Track list:

  1. Agressor (Single Edit)
  2. Agressor (Old School Industrial Dance by Roman Rain)
  3. Illuzornaya Mechta (Studio-Drums Version 2012)
  4. Illuzornaya Mechta (Mix by Sector 516)
  5. Illuzornaya Mechta (Remix by Meltdown)
  6. Outro (Agressor)

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