Jun 2011 20

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Dream into Dust
Category: Industrial
Album: Counterfeit
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: After seven years, Dream into Dust returns with an EP that takes them further into realms of sonic exploration and melancholic dread.


The duo of Derek Rush and Bryin Dall have for the past decade been lingering in the deep underground recesses of industrial music, combining melancholic melody, alchemical acoustics, and decrepit dystopias of sound that evoke some of the most emotionally devastating moods this writer has ever heard. With 2003’s The Lathe of Heaven, Dream into Dust presented a nightmarishly beautiful musical conception that was as familiar in its basic song structures as it was alien in its production. After seven years, Rush and Dall return with a six-track web release, the Counterfeit EP, offering six versions of some of the most exploratory material the pair have yet conjured.

Before the first 30 seconds of the de facto original mix of “Counterfeit” are past, Dream into Dust already demonstrates a new dynamic as distorted glitches and breakneck beats inspired by dubstep and drum & bass underscore layer upon layer of grating bass and industrialized noise. All the while, Rush’s emotive tenor weaves lyrical apocalypse as only the best of poets can, showing little restraint and creating a track of disturbing urgency. The following mixes explore the sonic territories marvelously, from the speedy mayhem of Dall’s own Breakneck mix to the dance floor-friendly fury of Angztek Industries’ Dirty Money mix, and onto the Vintage mix by Prequel, which transforms the song into a lovely bit of ‘80s-inspired new wave with its twinkling synth melodies and gritty bass guitar. Theologian’s Parasite mix provides an epic conclusion to the EP with almost nine minutes of viciously cacophonous soundscapes that can be quite jarring on the uninitiated listener, but will be quite rewarding for those with the mental stamina to endure.

Even the corresponding music video to the song – available to be viewed on YouTube – is a mélange of discordant imagery befitting the song, and detailing (perhaps facetiously, yet intriguingly nonetheless) Rush’s and Dall’s studio process to create so varied a piece of music. Whether the Counterfeit EP is indicative of the sonic pathways Dream into Dust will travel down on upcoming releases remains yet to be seen. At least until then, listeners have this small bit of somber atmosphere and raging experimentation.
Track list:

  1. Counterfeit (Web Mix)
  2. Counterfeit (Deviation Mix)
  3. Counterfeit (Breakneck Mix)
  4. Counterfeit (Dirty Money Mix)
  5. Counterfeit (Vintage Mix)
  6. Counterfeit (Parasite Mix)

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