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Download - LingAMDownload
Category: Experimental / IDM
Album: LingAM
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Ever exploring beyond the conventions of traditional form and structure with effectively psychedelic sound design, Download’s latest is an at once tense and relaxing affair.


Having now firmly established itself apart from the stigma of a side project to become its own recognized independent entity, Download has continued down a truly exploratory path of synthesis and sound. From classic analog to modern digital, from bulky hardware-based constructions to the clean-cut polish and ease of laptops, the duo of cEvin Key and Phil Western have continued to forge a path of truly experimental electronic jamming that now brings us to the group’s latest outing, LingAM.

As with all Download releases, the duo does well not to limit themselves to any single style, preferring instead to incorporate virtually any and all forms of electronic music into a cohesive package. From the catchy dance rhythms and squelching melodic passages of “YONI” and “AARD” to the more ominous glitches and creeping atmospheres of “KUNDI” and stuttering IDM of the opening title track, Key and Western do well to keep LingAM moving in several directions at once while somehow maintaining a path for the listener to follow. This certainly keeps in line with the title, named for the infinite nature of Shiva in Hindu scripture – the cosmic pillar without beginning and without end. Whether segueing from an ambient intro to the bouncy acid house of “JirAFFE from the Planey Sanders” and drifting through the shuffling metallic rhythms and celestial pads and quaint refrains of “SAW CRUST,” the album is both relaxingly lush and nervously energetic, drawing to a close with the darkly manic “PiLLAR.”

In many ways, this writer is reminded of the more ambient and trancelike elements of past Download releases like III and Effector, which can lead one to question if Download is truly exploring or simply retreading the same ground. However, where Download has always shined is in the expansiveness of form and structure, allowing the sound design and unorthodox beat patterns to coalesce into a satisfying whole. The effect on LingAM is never anything short of compelling, psychedelic bliss, at once soothing and uncomfortable.
Track list:

  1. LingAM
  2. AAARD
  3. DUPPY
  5. YONI
  7. KUNDI
  8. JirAFFE from the Planet Sanders
  9. INAGE MAntra
  10. PiLLAR

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