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Douglas J. McCarthy - Kill Your FriendsDouglas J. McCarthy
Category: Electro / EBM
Album: Kill Your Friends
Stars: 4
Blurb: Easily ranking as one of the best albums of his career, Douglas J. McCarthy goes solo in fine form with a record that is addictive, danceable, edgy, and enjoyably poppy.


He’s one of the most recognizable and often imitated vocalists in electronic music, and with good reason. Whether it is a low melodic rasp or a passionate shout, the voice of Douglas J. McCarthy has been a defining force in modern electro for three decades. Most famous for his work with the seminal Nitzer Ebb, McCarthy has worked alongside the likes of Recoil, MOTOR, Kloq, Die Krupps, and Yasmin Gate, as well as forming the groups Fixmer/McCarthy and Homotronic. Perhaps now is as good a time as ever for the man to finally release an album under his own name, presenting the breadth of his styles and influences in one fell swoop that is sure to please longtime fans while demonstrating his legacy to a new generation. Free from the constraints of any single outlet, McCarthy spreads his wings on Kill Your Friends to explore a full range of electronic and melodic possibilities, from the ominous pulsations and eerie atmospheres of “Hey” to the slow, sensual grooves of “Find You” with its sitar-like thrums and sustained guitar ambience. Similarly, “The Last Time” with its stylized rhythms evoking a retro vibe as McCarthy presents a dark and emotive melody that will easily have listeners lost in the sway of danceable poppy bliss, or the clubby catchiness of “Nothing After This” and “All Kind of Wrong” both bringing to mind images of neon-lit nightlife in all its glorious debauchery are simply too damn enjoyable to ignore. And then there is a track like “Move On,” which could easily have fit on Nitzer Ebb’s 2010 comeback album Industrial Complex, albeit with McCarthy infusing a less detached and aggressive approach in favor of a more lyrical and painterly quality to the vocals. As such, the influence of modern techno and so-called EDM can be felt throughout Kill Your Friends, giving the album a fresher appeal than the last Nitzer Ebb release and keeping it more in line with his contributions to the likes of MOTOR on Man Made Machine or even the lush rocking atmosphere of Julien-K’s We’re Here with You. This can no doubt be attributed, at least in part, to the assistance of British house producer Mark Thomas Bell, while the presence of CyrusRex on several tracks certainly adds to the album’s grittier, more industrial qualities. Nevertheless, there is an economy of style and production, a deceptive simplicity that allows each layer of throbbing bass, conservative but powerful beats, and of course McCarthy’s voice and songwriting to shine through. Above all, it’s a fun record; each song pulls you in either by way of its addictive beats and ambience or the allure of the lyrics and vocals, all of which offers simple enjoyment as good pop music should do. With Kill Your Friends, Douglas J. McCarthy has produced a fine album that may easily rank as one of the best of his illustrious career, solidifying his reputation while staying relevant in the increasingly muddled playing field of modern electronic music; no small feat for anyone, but a veritable milestone for one so prominent.
Track list:

  1. Death is King
  2. Hey
  3. Demon Prophet
  4. Find You
  5. The Last Time
  6. Move On
  7. Evil Love
  8. Love in the Backroom
  9. Nothing After This
  10. Taken
  11. All Kind of Wrong
  12. Lovers Arms

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