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Doubting Thomas - The InfidelDoubting Thomas
Category: Industrial / Experimental
Album: The Infidel
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: cEvin Key and D.R. Goettel’s long lost side project finally gets the proper reissue treatment and a widespread release.


Looking back on cEvin Key’s career up to now, it’s absolutely staggering to consider the scope and size of his recorded discography. For the better part of the last 30 years, Key has been releasing music under numerous different monikers. Perhaps best known for his work with the industrial legends Skinny Puppy, Key has also found longevity and success with others, namely Download and The Tear Garden. That being said, there are other projects that Key has been involved in that have slipped through the cracks; one of which is the group Doubting Thomas. Formed with fellow Skinny Puppy alumni Dwayne Goettel, Doubting Thomas was, in essence, a one-off project, releasing only one full-length and an EP before falling into relative obscurity… until now. Metropolis Records has combined both The Infidel and the Father Don’t Cry EP for a deluxe two-disc edition of the Doubting Thomas recorded works.

Originally released by the legendary WaxTrax! label in 1991, The Infidel is an intriguing glimpse into the creative cycle of both Key and Goettel. The album was largely conceived between the Skinny Puppy albums VIVIsectVI and Rabies. As such, elements of both those records can be heard throughout. The rapid fire staccato of album opener “Clocks” could easily stand up next to anything on the aggressive Rabies, while the percolating synths and sample heavy “Father Don’t Cry” sounds more akin to earlier Skinny Puppy material. That being said, The Infidel doesn’t sound like it’s merely comprised of leftovers from Skinny Puppy sessions. As a band, Doubting Thomas is more subdued and expansive than its better known counterpart. “F862” features benchmarks of the Key/Goettel sound, but also introduces percussive elements that give the track a worldly feel, while the piano flourishes scattered throughout “Nagual Tone” suspend the track in a dreamlike trance. Minimal string plucking and an impressive vocal take from Naomi McCleod give “I.D.L.” an exotic Middle Eastern twist to an already impressive and diverse album. The first disc is rounded out with “Theme from Pressurehead” and “Come in Piece,” both of which feature heavy experimental soundscapes that are more atmospheric in nature than anything that’s preceded it, leaving the first disc ending on a somewhat disappointing note. The second disc features a variation of the Father Don’t Cry EP, as well as some home demos from the original Infidel sessions. Again, there are elements that will make this material recognizable to Key fans, but like the first disc, it is uniquely distinguishable. The bubbling dance pop of “THC” mesmerizes with its various layers of intricate percussion yet simplistic approach, while the expansive “Turn a New Leaf” is an intimate marriage of down-tempo psychedelia. The last six demos possess the feel of a snapshot into the creative process and less like formulated songs. There are some memorable moments like the slow burning dirge of “Cryland,” but for the most part, the last half of the second disc will only be enjoyed by rabid Key and Goettel fans.

Because the Doubting Thomas material was out of print for so long, and only briefly resurfaced in a limited release in 2007 on cEvin’s Subconscious label, it’s difficult to remember that this is nearly 20 years old. The music holds up astonishingly well and is a nice reprieve from the harsh output of Skinny Puppy during the same era. This reissue of The Infidel is an essential component of the Key/Goettel discography and in spite of the time it spent tucked away in the dark, it’s sure to please longtime fans and introduce new fans to yet another facet of these industrial legends storied careers.
Track list:
Disc 1: The Infidel

  1. Clocks
  2. The Moodswing
  3. Father Don’t Cry
  4. F862
  5. Yowtch
  6. Hiding
  7. Nagual Tone
  8. The Run
  9. Saved
  10. I.D.L.
  11. Whitewax
  12. Theme from Pressurehead
  13. Come in Piece

Disc 2: Father Don’t Cry / Bonus

  1. Father Don’t Cry (Extended)
  2. THC
  3. Turn a New Leaf
  4. Excrement
  5. Movie
  6. That Problem Child
  7. Majickal Horse
  8. Jethro
  9. Cryland
  10. Porthue
  11. Make Me Laugh
  12. Blink and It’s Gone
  13. Love Somebody

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  1. lizardkiss says:

    One of my favorite albums of all time. Sheer sonic brilliance. A darkly seductive yet mildly disturbing soundtrack to a movie that never existed

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