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Dope Stars Inc. - Ultrawired: Pirate Ketaware for the Tlc GenerationDope Stars Inc.
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Ultrawired: Pirate Ketaware for the Tlc Generation
Stars: 4
Blurb: A raging, pulsating monster of cyberpunk musings with hard hitting electronic sounds.


Punch in the face! That’s exactly what will happen when you turn on Italian industrial/cyberpunk band Dope Stars Inc.’s album Ultrawired. The album is packed full of enormous energy and it is immediate from the outset that this band came to literally rip through your eardrums with a hard hitting, aggressive sound. Listening to Ultrawired calls to mind other bands with similar styles such as KMFDM, Angelspit, and even at some points Nine Inch Nails, but this is by no means a bad thing because if you are at all a fan of this style of music, and maybe even if you’re not, you’ll find something that rocks here with Dope Stars Inc.

Ultrawired starts with the brash and high energy track “Better Not to Joke” and it comes in full force with its fast tempo and vicious vocals beating the listener over the head. “Lies Irae” starts off sounding like classical music, which segues into some super fast paced guitars and drums with quickly delivered lyrics to great affect. When you reach the second half of the album, Dope Stars Inc. gives you a little more melody and their punk side can be heard even more clearly. This is very evident on “No Life Belongs to You” and “Two Dimensional World.” These offerings don’t slow down the action of the album, but rather present it in a different way. “Run Motherfucker Run” is a gem of a cyberpunk song with an infectious hook that the listener will want to repeat over and over and “Pwning the Network” is a fantastic song that just sounds loud, aggressive, and brutal, while “Riding Ufos” is another notable track that brings the album down a little from its unwavering energy.

Dope Stars Inc. sets out to make a statement with this album. After dropping their label and self releasing this disc, they definitely took a shot in the dark and that shot pays off. This album is definitely worth getting and blasting through your speakers with its aggression, energy, and infectious rhythms. Though a little repetition holds it back from reaching its pinnacle, it is a fantastic work and can be enjoyed by industrial fans and maybe even some non fans as well.
Track list:

  1. Better Not to Joke
  2. Save the Clock Tower
  3. Cracking the Power
  4. Banksters
  5. Lies Irae
  6. Blackout
  7. Get Young
  8. No Life Belongs to You
  9. Two Dimensional World
  10. Run Motherfucker Run
  11. Pwning the Network
  12. We Are the New Ones
  13. Riding Ufos
  14. Thru the Never

Dope Stars Inc. Website http://www.dopestarsinc.com
Dope Stars Inc. MySpace http://www.myspace.com/dopestarsinc
Dope Stars Inc. Facebook http://www.facebook.com/dopestarsinc
Dope Stars Inc. Twitter http://twitter.com/dopestarsinc
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