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Dogfight Sox - Lunatic FairytalesDogfight Sox
Category: Rap / Rock / Industrial
Album: Lunatic Fairytales
Stars: 0
Blurb: An album full of wasted potential suffering from too many ingredients that simply don’t work well together.


It’s difficult to be unique when making music nowadays. It’s as if almost everything has been said or done before, so in order to branch out, one must truly concoct some sort of musical formula that no one has ever done before. It would seem as if Nurnberg, Germany’s Dogfight Sox has done that, but unfortunately, not all experiments have a positive result. The band’s album, Lunatic Fairytales consists of 27 minutes of music that utilizes harsh genre-bending tactics. The combination of rap/rock with elements of industrial and funky guitar riffs do not blend the way they should. Aside from the music, the vocal styling doesn’t do the music any justice. The two man band consisting of Crimson (guitar/bass/sax/vocals) and Indigo (programming/vocals) go in and out of questionable vocal ranges. Occasionally, it feels like you’re listening to Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, then Jimmy Uringer of Mindless Self Indulgence, and sometimes even Tom Waits. Together, the voices just crash together in ways that create a horrible mood swing in the brain. To go along with the awkward singing are bizarre lyrics. Although the German duo sing in English, it’s sometimes hard to understand what their lyrics mean even if you can decipher what they’re saying.

There are traces of hope for some of the songs such as the opening track “Motherfucker Royale,” which begins with an intense intro promising to deliver something monstrous, but it only leads into rap/rock and pseudo-industrial vocals that drown out the music. From the point forward, the album never seems to recover. The next track, “Run Through the Jungle” opens with a funky guitar riff and Tom Waits influenced vocals. Then, at the 1:15 mark of the track, it sounds as if a German Fred Durst begins singing. Together, the Durst and Waits sound alikes truly clash and ruin the track. “Ma Shroom” opens with an interesting Vaudeville influenced sound when out-of-nowhere female vocals appear. Then, you’re introduced to movie sound bites from Alice in Wonderland followed by more awful rapping. The fusion of Burlesque-based music, awkward movie clips, and rapping just don’t mesh. Burlesque/vaudeville can be amazing and Alice in Wonderland has been a great subject to use for industrial music, but laden with rap vocals, the chemistry is killed. “Picture” almost had redeeming qualities, but then the cliché, generic, and song ruining Auto-Tuner made an appearance. The honorable mention of acoustic guitars got the song going in a good direction, but hit a brick wall halfway through, ending with 20 seconds of random and out-of-place chatter. Utilizing sound clips from movies or other forms of media can be conducive to most industrial music. However, putting the clips in bizarre places on the track or using clips that don’t make sense with the music at all can easily ruin a track – this was the case for “Picture.”

This album had potential with unique vocals that occasionally fit and sexy guitar riffs that should have lasted longer. But too many negative ingredients such as rapping, poor audio clip usage, underwhelming lyrics, and the unfortunate choice to use Auto-Tune spoiled this album. This album might be appropriate for those who enjoy rap/rock or like an album with no set concept of genre; in other words, an album that bases its sound on chaos. However, the album can be downloaded for free by visiting Dogfight Sox’ Bandcamp page; worst case scenario, you can download it and if you don’t like it, you just delete it. Maybe you can find something in this album that others cannot.
Track list:

  1. Incarnation
  2. Motherfucker Royale
  3. Run Through the Jungle
  4. Ma Shroom
  5. Transmigration
  6. Heavy Rain
  7. Picture
  8. Candy
  9. Decarnation

Dogfight Sox MySpace http://www.MySpace.com/dogfightsox
Dogfight Sox Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Dogfightsox
Dungeon Recordings Website http://www.dungeon-recordings.com
Dungeon Recordings Bandcamp http://dungeon.bandcamp.com
Grant V. Ziegler (GVZ)

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  1. Now this is a decent review. To the point and not cruel with respect to the artists for giving it a try. It wasn’t “condemned to the depths of the Bandcamp library”.

    Thank you for an informative and open-minded review! :)

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