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Dogfight Sox - FluxDogfight Sox
Category: Rap / Rock / Industrial
Album: Flux
Stars: 1
Blurb: The confused identity of this record makes for a scattered, unpleasantly chaotic and underwhelming experience.


Released, ironically, on the eve of the apocalypse that wasn’t meant to be, Dogfight Sox’s sophomore EP in some dreadful ways heralds the inevitable exhaustion of musical fabrics and the subsequent toxic fallout. There’s a fair share of intriguing ideas that shape Flux, but all of them are bundled tightly together and unable to flourish. All of this, topped by the generally lackluster execution, results in a vivid display of creativity conquered and vanquished by inept workmanship.

The sense of humor and playful punk energy are evident assets of this young German act and opening “Konichiwa Bitches!” captures an elusive snapshot of a self conscious method. Sadly though, both the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial flair of the duo do not salvage this effort. The track progresses through a mixture of glib references and bleeping electronica without much resistance from the listener, setting expectations higher than Dogfight Sox is able to deliver. Some tribal drumming on “Templum” makes for an immediately absorbing opening, but what even dubstep interludes fail to spoil is brought down by the nü metal-esque rap vocals and pointlessly planted samples, all of them crammed into the minuscule structure of two-and-a-half minutes that are less a thoughtful structure and more a deranged, accidental mash-up. The heavy metal “Sunfall” is a cacophonous mess where voices glide over the noisy instrumentation without ever connecting coherently. What in certain aesthetics one might call raw and gritty here appears as merely lazy and poorly produced. Ambient elements are sucked into the vortex of stylistic chaos that is Flux, determining the mood of “Songs of Distant Earth” and “The Intergalactic Chimpanzee Frenzee,” which mimics the random tones of Mindless Self Indulgence but both tracks suffer from the same symptoms that plague the rest of the record. Poor judgment and inadequate realization undo the band’s obvious bravado experimentation and condemn the EP to the depths of Bandcamp’s library.

If you were to pay for this record, know this – the quality of Dogfight Sox’s release validates a full and unquestionable refund. But even with its nonexistent price tag, you are advised to seek your fulfillment elsewhere. All sounds and tones are scattered in an insane, frustrating whirlwind of concepts that play out like an improvised rehearsal of passionate but still amateurish musicians. That is not to say that Flux is devoid of some redeeming qualities, but they better be left alone for Dogfight Sox to reevaluate and build upon and not engaged with just yet.
Track list:

  1. Konichiwa Bitches!
  2. Templum
  3. Sunfall
  4. Songs of Distant Earth
  5. The Intergalactic Chimpanzee Frenzee

Dogfight Sox MySpace http://www.MySpace.com/dogfightsox
Dogfight Sox Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Dogfightsox
Dungeon Recordings Website http://www.dungeon-recordings.com
Dungeon Recordings Bandcamp http://dungeon.bandcamp.com
Damian Glowinkowski (DamienG)


  1. Dear Damian,
    While I can respect all reviews (even critical reviews), I must say that I have know idea how you were ever qualified or chosen to review this particular album. This is an “Experimental” project. “Experimental”, meaning no rules. Your tunnel-vision review and lack of education in musical genres was as painful to read as the album was for you to hear. I beg you…. Please leave projects like this to the experienced listeners because your reviews are completely irrelevant to music like this. Thank You!

    • Ilker Yücel says:

      As ReGen’s editor-in-chief, I must respond to this. Damian’s qualifications are proven by his ability to listen to the releases he is assigned (for the record, some are assigned, some are chosen by the writer) with a dispassionate ear; while he may not be completely familiar with every form of music (few people really are), I’ve trusted him to fairly assess the music he is listening to and express his opinion in as informative a manner as possible. The key word there – “opinion.” Perhaps Damian simply didn’t “get it,” but that does not invalidate his viewpoint, nor does it indicate a “lack of education;” perhaps a lack of familiarity with the intentions of the artist. And just because it’s “experimental” doesn’t necessarily make it a pleasant listening experience, and one must consider that while Damian is just one person that there will be plenty of people who will agree with his assessment. Perhaps that’s not the audience this album is striving to reach, but that is the caveat of releasing any work for public consumption.
      While I can appreciate your stepping up to defend an artist on your roster, I must ask if an equally scathing ReView from a writer who perhaps is as “experienced” or “educated” would garner as much ire. I’m sure you mean it when you say you can respect even critical reviews, so I’m not attacking you, and we do appreciate you taking the time to comment on this ReView, even if you disagree with it.
      Thank you and have a marvelous day.

  2. I understand where you are coming from and don’t blame you at all for coming to a staff member’s defense as was what my intentions were as well with the artist on my roster. This is your Zine and you run it as you see fit. The review, however, came off as cruel with a blatant disregard to the genre itself. It seemed to me after reading twice (to be sure) that the writer had more intent in thinking up the most invective, harsh and absurd insults he could think of without ever acknowledging any other crafts involved with the making of these tracks.

    “If you were to pay for this record, know this – the quality of Dogfight Sox’s release validates a full and unquestionable refund. But even with its nonexistent price tag, you are advised to seek your fulfillment elsewhere.”

    It takes a lot of pride, drive, love & selflessness for musicians to put their music out for the world to listen to for FREE. Reviews like this have absolutely no heart and are a spit in the face to many of the musicians on “Bandcamp”. As if “Bandcamp” is a place where garbage goes. “Condemned to the depths of Bandcamp’s library.” WTF is that???

    There is pure hatred in this review. If you condone these types of reviews you are going to lose an audience fast. I, for one, will cease at any and all efforts for sending material in for future review. It will save us both the time and the effort.

    • Ilker Yücel says:

      That is a fair assessment, and I’ll certainly admit that I do tend to allow certain degrees of sarcasm and snark. Since I took over ReGen, it’s been my goal to be informative but honest, and sometimes it does invite a high level of venom on the part of the writers. In the case of this ReView, I felt that Damian balanced out a harsh assessment with an admittedly vicious response. I’ve encountered people who simply didn’t wish to write a ReView lest the outright hatred of the release overtake any reasonable critique. I’ve also rejected ReViews from writers for possessing no substance and took it only as an opportunity to talk smack. In the case of this ReView, I didn’t feel the statement about the “depths of Bandcamp” was a statement against Bandcamp as much as it could’ve been any outlet; he could’ve said the depths of the record label’s library, but I simply interpreted that as him feeling this release was the bottom of the barrel. I personally didn’t feel the hatred for the album wasn’t balanced out by at least an attempt to listen with a dispassionate and critical ear, but we all have our interpretations.
      All of this said, I will say that I’m sorry you took the ReView so hard, and I am in no way invalidating your response; especially with your checking out Grant’s ReView of the other release from this artist. I value both of them as contributors to ReGen, and can only say that Damian is now more of a Live Show correspondent, so any future ReViews would not bear his stamp. As well, I value this kind of feedback and correspondence and hope that you’ll still consider ReGen for future ReViews of any releases you’d be interested in having us check out.
      Thank you again. Have a marvelous day, sir.

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